The World’s Most Exciting Swimming Pools

Going for a swim is a relaxing and lovely way to get some exercise and cool off. However, what would you think about taking the plunge in some of the world most exciting swimming pools? Here are some quite stunning swimming pools from across the planet.

The Atlantis Infinity Pool, Greece

Swimming Pools and The Atlantis Infinity Pool, Greece

This one is on the Greek island of Santorini. If I am not mistaken, a weird guy with wild hair on the Discovery Channel once told me that Atlantis is situated under the water here. Can you imagine swimming in an amazing pool like this on top of the fabled lost city? That’s assuming the wild haired guy was right, of course.

The Jungle Pool, Bali

Exciting Swimming Pools and The Jungle Pool, Bali

What a great picture this is, of the Ubud Hanging Gardens in Bali. This swimming pool is on top of a cliff and has tropical rainforest all around it. It seems that every room in the hotel has its own pool like this in it, which explains why I never stayed in this place when I travelled through Asia with a backpack filled with smelly socks and about $100 in my account.

The Luxury Hotel Pool, Bali

Exciting Swimming Pools and The Luxury Hotel Pool, Bali

Don’t worry, later on we’ll see some pools for other cheapskates like me, I am sure. For the time being, this is another luxury option in Bali. This is scary looking pool which might actually put kids off swimming forever, due to the fear of plunging into the yawning chasm which seems to open up at the end of it.

The Alpine Pool, Switzerland

Exciting Swimming Pools and The Alpine Pool, Switzerland

Is it just me or does anyone else instinctively shiver when they see this photo? The Swiss Alps isn’t exactly a part of the world where I can imagine putting on my swimming trucks and plunging into the water. This is a heated pool and it would blooming have to be. Apparently it has a bubbling massage bed and soothing jets. I don’t even know what they are but I want some now.

The Giant Pool, Chile

Exciting Swimming Pools and The Giant Pool, Chile

You have probably thought to yourself at various points in your life, “I wonder what the biggest swimming pool in the world is”. Well, I am here to put you out of your misery. The biggest swimming pool on the planet is, rather surprisingly perhaps, in Chile. It covers almost 20 acres and is about a kilometre long. It cost a fortune to build and a fortune to maintain each year. Unless I have completely forgotten everything I learned in Geography classes then it is also shaped kind of like the country of Chile, which I guess isn’t just a weird coincidence.

The Balcony Pools, India

Exciting Swimming Pools and The Balcony Pools, India

I might as well start off with the bad news. These pools don’t even exist. They look real but it is just a mock up of a proposed tower in Mumbai, in India. Every balcony is planned to have a glass pool in it. These are certainly exciting swimming pools and it looks like a great place to live.

The Long Pool, Taiwan

Exciting Swimming Pools and The Long Pool, Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake is a great name for a body of water, even if it makes absolutely no sense. It’s like calling a place Mountain Lowland Valley or Tree Desert Flats. Anyway, this is a 60 metre long swimming pool which is set in a spectacular location over Sun Moon Lake.

The Scary Pool, Zambia

Exciting Swimming Pools and The Scary Pool, Zambia

This is the most low tech swimming pool on the list but probably the most exciting. The Devil Swimming Pool at the top of Victoria Falls is the kind of place where you would probably see your whole life flash before you as look out over the 355 feet drop. You can dice with danger in this amazing natural pool from September to December, when the water level is low enough for you to have a chance of surviving.

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