The Worst Curse Known to Man

That pain. The deep, piercing pain that only surfaces when you’ve been stricken with the worst curse known to human civilization. Rising Youtube sensation Buck Redbuck brilliantly displays the horror of this curse in excruciatingly lurid detail. The cold, sharp touch of a razor blade smacking your cheek in the morning. The red marks that desecrate your neck when you’ve put your tie on too tightly. The obnoxious chill you experience when you step outside, bright and early, to scrape the ice off your car when its winter. Overtime, the emotional damage is enough to break anyone. Anyone too weak to remove themselves from the curse’s power.

Linda B. deserves some props for her top-notch camera work in this film. We look forward to more like this from Mr. Redbuck.


  1. I always firgue that it is a good idea to put them up before the snow. Just because doing it when there is a lot of snow on the ground is a pain. but just because you have put them up doesn’t mean you have to turn them on. You could wait for that.

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