These guns can’t kill you – they are ice cream

At first glance it looks like they’re putting real guns in their mouths, but in real life they are eating edible ice guns.

They all have different kinds of flavors–cola, cherry, licorice and black currant. They are an addition to the first 50 tinted ice guns that Florian Jenett and Valentin Beinroth made and placed in downtown Frankfurt a few years ago.

These edible eatables where exhibited at an art show called “Freeze Revisited”, and their existence certainly shocked a lot of people.

Several other artists have used weapons as their inspiration, like these fashionable guns and rifles made for artistic purposes.


  1. I could care less about the issue of whether people are smart enough to differentiate between the popsicle and a real gun. However, this is extremely cruel and disrespectful to people who have committed suicide and their families and friends…

    Shame on you for your ignorance.

  2. Obvious photoshop, no way that’s real ice cream or popsicle or anything else, how come none of them are half eaten? Everybody’s sucking on the end of the the barrel…

  3. ….that child is going to grow up…. and think all guns are icy treats….. ‘BANG!!!’ o___O;

  4. you people are a bunch of whiny fuktards. do you really think your kids are too stupid to know the difference between steel and ice cream? if they are, do them a favor and shoot them before they lick some signposts in winter. your dummy children will die from exposure, if they can figure out how to open the front door. i mean, the door knob is pretty hard to distinguish from a knob made of cheese. maybe he’ll stand there licking that a few hours. you people are so dumb your poor kids have no chance.

  5. My children are young. They haven’t learned to read or write yet. Even their drawings are hard to understand. They do know what a gun is, though. I showed them these pictures, and they got upset that these people were going to hurt themselves. This was not their first time seeing guns, as they are a huge part of our society. It also won’t be the last time they see a gun, either. As a matter of fact, these images probably have no effect on my children whatsoever. Nothing worse than video games and films will show them over the coming years. It’s funny to think that we’ve had guns for hundred of years, but only when they’re not real are they dangerous to our children. Lock your weapons. Guard your ammo. Don’t let your kids have either. Let them enjoy some ice cream, though, what kind of prick are you?

  6. I don’t think this is stupid and disgusting because children will then shoot themselves with a real gun. I think it’s horrible because it is basically making fun of suicide. “Hey look! It’s cool to look like you’re going to commit suicide as long as you don’t actually do it!” Anyone who can play games with something like that clearly doesn’t understand how much this can affect someone who may be suffering from depression or anything else that may lead them to suicide. Parents should be stopping children from seeing ‘inappropriate’ things but this is simply insensitive to those who have committed suicide and their families.

  7. Reading these comments makes me hate people. Seriously. I’m liberal, and I think that this was interesting, eerie, and controversial in an enjoyable way. I enjoy gun culture, so what? I picked one damn policy thats more common amongst the “other side” than my own.

    Quit labeling people, it’s easy I know, but it’s ignorant and it’s exactly what the Government wants, two sides fighting against each other instead of focusing on the crimes they get away with. To say all liberals hate guns is like saying all republicans are against gay rights. It’s simply not true.

  8. I just have to say…If someone actually looks at this and thinks that guns are ice cream and they blow their heads off…it’s probably for the better. We don’t need those types of people clogging up the gene pools and breeding. Odds are they were probably a long line of inbred ignorant liberals. Thank goodness for Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest.

  9. I think these are brilliant, really funny!

    I agree that in a sense they may be bad, as kids go to grab a gun and blow their brains out because they think its a gun, however, the parents shouldn’t have a gun in the first place, or it should be somewhere the child cant get it.

    All I can say, is if you are that dumb… you deserve it, let Darwin’s natural selection take place. Enough said

  10. The first thought is what happens when some cop sees a kid with one in his hand and thinks it is aimed at him. Boom! He shoots the kid over an ice cream gun. Then where are we!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is STUPID!!!!

  11. Whats stupid is people complaining about it. Its not making fun of suicide, no, its telling us that we like violence by us eating a cherry gun popsicle. Personally, I think its bad ass, but if your gonna whine about it then just get off the freakin’ page and look at something else.

  12. “Oh this is so original” “If you think this isn’t fun you shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet!”

    You guys are dicks.

    This stuff is just plain awful. If you think you are cool for mocking suicide, then you shouldn’t have the sweet sweet taste of ice cream.
    It’s not about puritism, it’s not about little kids shooting themselves, it’s just plain disgusting.

    Someone close to me shot himself. I stumbled onto this page and I’m almost crying. Good job!

  13. hmm all these people moaning about “the kids”, maybe the target audiance isnt children, think about that? with so many treats like this aimed at children anyway its nice to see something a bit more adult. but yeh if you dont want ur kid to have a gun shaped lolly then u know the simplest thing to do? DONT BUY IT FOR THEM!

  14. LOL. The guys third from the bottom are definitely used to long cylindrical things in their mouths…

  15. hey cool picture, especially the one where the kid has a fake gun pointing in his mouth. What are you guys fucking retarded jesus christ get a fuckin brain.

  16. I have guns, I’m trained in their use. I have to say these pictures are disturbing to me. It LOOKS like a gun, and my training says NEVER EVER EVER point a gun (even when you ‘know’ it’s unloaded) at anything you don’t want having a whole blown into, not even in jest.

    No WAY would I want to eat one of these or even have someone jokingly point one at me.

  17. Whoof, yeah 😐 My father committed suicide via gun to the mouth. This is super cute and original and edgy, hipsters. Really.

    Jesus christ.

  18. Well, we are successfully being desensitized. Soon pictures of dead kids will be used in advertising. Sad, but (probably) true.

  19. ……………………………………………………………….are you all fucking serious? you’re mad about gun popsicles? i really don’t know what this has to do with suicide or hipsters to be totally honest. see a lot of posts about that. that said, shoot yourselves.

  20. Shut the fuck up they are ice cream all you stupid pta moms get over it they see guns on tv no big deal. god you people are annoying.

  21. Everyone, If a kid is dumb enough to put a real gun in his or her mouth, they’re probably too dumb to live anyway, and they deserve to die.
    And yea, this isn’t art.

  22. this is the stupidest thing. did you ever think of some one that seen this and had a family member die because they shot themselves. Next time you want to do something stupid think about others that have been affected by suicide.

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