"Things wouldn’t be so much fun if" comics

metalfan What if the situations in our lives turned upside down one day, like for example presents unwrapping human bodies instead of the other way around, or pigeons feeding people and pillows having “human fight” instead of pillow fights? The pictures illustrate it in an almost fun and interesting way, but if those things happened in reality, they wouldn’t be so fun after all.

shelovesme-not saypeople presentsopenchildren pirates pillowfight peagon mirors labsters ihatemyjob icecreameatingchildren fan allians

If you liked this, you will definitely be amazed by these new illustrations. Check it out!


  1. :-* i like these comics. the inversed perspectives remind me of gary larsons ironical way of exagorating and playing with the relation of humans to animals (who often talk same language)
    but they are more detailed and aesthetic. nice

  2. sensiblochamaeleon: Before any attempt at feigned wisdom, one should try and master the use of words that actually exist. Ironical? Exagorating?

  3. i·ron·ic (-rnk) also i·ron·i·cal (-rn-kl)
    1. Characterized by or constituting irony.
    2. Given to the use of irony. See Synonyms at sarcastic.
    3. Poignantly contrary to what was expected or intended: madness, an ironic fate for such a clear thinker.

  4. your dictionary entry is quite clearly an American one, because if you were actually speaking English, then you would realise that ‘ironical’ is not a word, ‘ironic’ is what you were looking for. Plus sarcasm and irony are completely different things and therefore would no show up as synonyms of eachother

  5. “Before any attempt at feigned wisdom, one should try and master the use of words that actually exist. Ironical? Exagorating?”

    “try to” would actually be correct. How ironical.

  6. …really guys? What are we, 12? Arguing in the comments of a blog…sheesh. It’s like elementary school recess all over again.

    As for the actual content of the blog, very creative ^_^ I’ve seen a couple of these pictures before but it was cool to see them all together.

  7. Everyone should just start learning to speak American, I don’t see what the issue is… Stuffy Englishmen

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