This Is What Happens When Plastic Surgery Goes Really Bad

Have you ever been tempted to get your nose reduced or maybe pin back those ears? These might seem like simple, life enhancing operations but at look at some famous examples of plastic surgery gone bad should be enough to put you off the idea for life.

Michael Jackson’s Nose, Colour, Jaw and Other Stuff

Plastic Surgery Gone Bad and Michael Jackson

The first time I ever found out about the dangers of plastic surgery going bad was thanks to Mr Jackson. There was a famous newspaper photo a few years back showing how his nose was caving in or something. I was shocked and started worrying that my nose would cave in as well. The difference between pictures of him as a youth compared to when he was an adult are truly staggering. The recurring theme we will find as we go through these pictures is that the person actually ends up looking a whole lot worse than when they started. A natural looking Michael Jackson would probably have looked pretty good as a grown up. The plastic one didn’t.

The Bride of Wildenstein

Plastic Surgery Gone Bad and Jocelyn Wildenstein

I had no idea who Jocelyn Wildenstein was until about 3 minutes ago. Now I know that her face will haunt my nightmares for years to come. Apparently she is now known as the Bride of Wildenstein, which is a cruel if slightly amusing horror movie joke. It seems that she paid $4 million to get her face completely screwed up. Wouldn’t you pay $4 million to stop people doing that sort of bad plastic surgery to you?

The Plastic Twins

Plastic Surgery Fails and The Plastic Twins

If there is one thing worse than looking like a reject from a new line of middle aged Ken dolls it must be looking at your twin and seeing that he looks as bad as you. Bad plastic surgery on twins means double trouble.

The Complete Transformation of Pete Burns

Plastic Surgery Fails and The Complete Transformation of Pete Burns

When I was a kid this guy used to come on the TV and sing, “You spin me right round baby, like a record” and other pearls of wisdom. Fast forward a few years and what in the name of all the saints above us has he done to himself? Is it just me or does he now really look like a wax version of Cher which has kind of melted out in the sun? Eh? Ok, so it’s just me then?

The Cooking Oil Surgery

Plastic Surgery Disasters and The Cooking Oil Surgery

This South Korean woman is famous for being one of the most extraordinary examples of plastic surgery gone bad. It seems that she got so addicted to destroying her face that she ended up injecting cooking oil into her face. She did what? I mean, even Michael freaking Jackson didn’t go that far. Seriously, did she genuinely believe that it was going to end well? Was she expecting neighbours to call out, “Hey, you’re looking fantastic today, have you been injecting more of that cooking oil, you beautiful surgical genius?”

The Versace Approach

Plastic Surgery Gone Bad and The Versace Approach

After the horror show of the last few faces Donatella Versace actually looks quite alluring. If she would only stick a bit of cooking oil into her forehead she would be the finished article, I reckon.

The Spanish Duchess

Plastic Surgery Fails and The Spanish Duchess

I lived in Spain for a while and I loved to see this woman appear on the TV. She is called the Duchess of Alba, is worth a fortune and recently married a guy who is about a century younger than her. I had no idea that her weird appearance was down to bad plastic surgery, so I feel a bit better about mocking her now. Not that I felt bad about it before, you understand.

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