Three Totally out of the Box Artists

While art has always been a delicate topic since it combines elements from the experience of the artist with his or her own view of the world, as if looking through the world through your very own, ever changing kaleidoscope, it has never ceased to bring people of all convictions, races, skin colors, nationalities and religions together. In marveling at the beauty that man can create we revel in our own endless potential, and as Einstein said it, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

If there is someone that bathes in imagination, it’s artists, and we’ve selected three out of the box artists who not only see our world different than we do, but also do so in such an original manner that it may even come as a shock.

1. Raphael Auvray

This French artist, currently working for Kerozen, a French design studio, has always distinguished himself through out-of-the box artists works, but it seems he has outdone himself with a recent collection of images based on typography, but with a twist. This collection features images of letters comprised of skin, hair, eyes and other body components that together create an interestingly grotesque and disturbing feeling that makes his work well noticeable. What is more interesting is that the hair featured on his letters belongs to designers. Here are a few of the pictures he has created:





2. Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros

Have you ever wondered how Disney movies would have been received if the happily ever afters wouldn’t have been so happily ever after? Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros did and in doing so, he came up with DisHollywood, a project meant to measure acceptance and tolerance levels when the happy endings are no longer in tone with the phantasy-like outcome of the original versions. As a result, he did not only recreate the endings but also the idealized aspect of characters in many beloved Disney masterpieces, so as to point out a somewhat darker side of today’s society. The real question is whether or not his view on today’s society is as far from the truth as you may think (since his intention was also to incorporate those aspects of our lives in his work so that it may become clear to us how fr from our true paths we are). Here are some of the images in his DisHollywood project:








3. David Olenick

This artist wanted a down-to-earth portrayal of human nature and chose to be inspired by the many judgment errors, embarrassing moments and character defects of human beings. He has therefore created hilarious (yet truthful) works portraying extremely bad judgment calls such as imbecile behavior when out drinking, emotional eating due to having gained too much weight, the effects of too much alcohol and many other situations you yourself have certainly found yourself in. Ask yourself when viewing his work if you haven’t experienced more such situations than you would like to admit to.


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We hoped you liked our Top Three Out of the Box artists! Stay tuned for more.

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