The Tiniest Houses You Ever Saw

Have you ever looked round your house and worried that it is just a bit too cramped? Maybe the ceiling is a bit low or perhaps there isn’t a lot of elbow room in the kitchen. Well, it will soon look like a cavernous mansion to you once you see some of the tiniest houses in the world.

The One Room Wonder

Tiniest Houses

This photo shows just about the entire house in this case. It is in London in the UK and the big benefit is that you can do just about anything you want to do without even getting out of bed. Probably not ideal for big families or pet-lovers. Or anyone who likes to walk in their house. Or anyone with claustrophobia. Or anyone really.

The Cute House

Tiniest Houses

After the last house this one looks positively giant, doesn’t it? The woman who just happens to be walking past it lets us see the scale of this house. This is a really cute building and I think that it would be quite thrilling to come back here every day after a hard slog working in the mines with Bashful, Grumpy, Sleepy and the rest.

The House for One

Tiniest Houses

You wouldn’t really invite friends round for a few drinks if you lived here, would you? For start, most of them would need to sit outside and wait for you to pass the drinks out through the window. I guess that cosy is the best word to use here, although bloomingsmallhouse also springs to mind as well. Still, the guy standing outside it looks happy with life.

The Modern Miniature House

Tiniest Houses

What a truly bizarre house this one is. It’s almost as though they took a real house and chopped a bit off it. This modern tiny house is in Tokyo and I know nothing else about it except…actually did I mention that it’s in Tokyo?

The 1 Metre House

Tiniest Houses

This is a real house which German architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel created to try and solve the world’s housing crisis. Hmm, I’m not entirely sure the project will be a success. It takes him only a day to build one and it can be converted from a sitting space to a lying down kind of a joint at night. I guess that if you were really lazy you could lie down in it during the day as well. The idea is that you carry it about with you wherever you go, which is a pretty strange concept when you think about it. It weighs 40 kilos and uses just 20 metres of wood and 200 screws.

The UK’s Smallest House

Tiniest Houses

This tiny house is famous among, well, people who like to visit tiny houses in the UK. I guess that’s probably not that many people when you think about it. Actually, I was surprised to discover that thousands of tourists apparently visit it every year, although presumably not all at the same time. It is in Wales and apparently a fisherman who measured 6 foot 3 inches once lived in it.

The Mobile Home

Smallest Houses

The great thing about this tiny home is that it has little wheels on it. If you’ve ever tried to budge a house with no wheels then you will already know that this is a good thing.

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