Tiny cement sculptures melting into the streets

Isaac_Cordal_18 In several European cities like London, Barcelona and Berlin, you can spot these small cement sculptures of people in different locations and positions. The artist behind this work is Isaac Cordal from London. The figures are all made in cement and is about 10 inches big. They represent how the man leaves his citizen role and becomes one with the city, almost like camouflage. The art work is something between sculpture and photography, because the photographs of the sculptures in different settings are used as a witness in later exhibitions.

Isaac_Cordal_17 Isaac_Cordal_15 Isaac_Cordal_14 Isaac_Cordal_13 Isaac_Cordal_12 Isaac_Cordal_11 Isaac_Cordal_10 Isaac_Cordal_9 Isaac_Cordal_8Isaac_Cordal_7 Isaac_Cordal_6 Isaac_Cordal_4 Isaac_Cordal_3 Isaac_Cordal_1Other artists have used other types of materials when making sculptures, like Efes Pilsen beer cans.


  1. I’ve seen these in Brussel haha, that’s so funny.. First I was like what is this, but now I know hehehe, they are awesome!

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