Toilet Paper Roll used for Sculptures

toilet_paper_rolls_07Since childhood, Junior Fritz Jacquet is fascinated by the paper. He explores and experiments with different techniques of folding and crumpling to create new forms and poetic objects that decorate his life.

toilet_paper_rolls_08 toilet_paper_rolls_06 toilet_paper_rolls_05 toilet_paper_rolls_04 toilet_paper_rolls_03 toilet_paper_rolls_02 toilet_paper_rolls_01 Who could have thought that those toilet paper rolls that we use to throw away into a garbage bin, could be turned into fascinating face sculptures? Do you know what is John Wayne toilet paper?


  1. being toilet paper rolls worked into faces, it makes me think that each face is the posible facial expretion made while haveing a large movement. This thought of posibility made the faces even more fun to look at, i would like to know if this art form was birthed from a large movement? lol

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