Tons of lemons and oranges covering up a town in France

orangemahal Every February there are held a Lemon festival in a town with warm climate favorable for lemon and orange groves, and that town is no other than Menton, France. The festival started at the end of the 19th century, but people still find it very exciting and fun. It is all about beautiful sculptures, buildings and art made out of lemon and oranges.

orange-witch orange-village orange-palms orangeindia orange-house orangehome orange-girl orange-dog orange-chefs orange-castle cat-orange It gives the town a fresh and bright color during three whole weeks. The festival also offers parades including dancers and fireworks. Creating art out of food has been used in other ways, like transforming food into landscapes for tiny human figures.


  1. Just for your info the lemons and oranges used for this are not really edible (kind of taste like sh*t) they’re grown for decoration in the town and for this festival which is the only thing that happens in this boring town.

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