Top 8 2016 Music Tours We Are All Waiting For

2016 is set to be spectacular in terms of musical releases. Singers who are currently on the top charts continue to release amazing hits, while others who have been missing lately are making much awaited comebacks. Our list of top 8 2016 music tours is like a blast from the past with AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen and Black Sabbath helming the revival of oldies, but goldies. Younger pop megastars such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are also set to have a busy year. However, they will have to compete with musical icons who have been silent over the past years: Adele and Janet Jackson.

1. AC/DC

On of the most awaited 2016 music tours is the one of AC/DC.

When: February 2 – April 4

Where: North America, Europe

Price: $99-$140

Even though only two original members of the famous band are currently performing, you should expect nothing less than a grand performance of a stellar show, complete with the inflatable Rosie and the huge Hells Bell. Guitarist Malcom Young had to step out due to some health problems, while drummer Phil Rudd’s legal problems are keeping him away from the stage. They are replaced by drummer Chris Slade who has played with the band in the ’80s and ’90s, and by guitarist Stevie Young. Considering that AC/DC usually takes a five year break between tours, this is definitely one of the much awaited 2016 music tours.

2. Rihanna

RIhanna will promote her new album, Anti, in 2016.

When: February 26 – May 7

Where: North America, Europe

Price: $35 – $78

It seems that the opener for Rihanna’s next tour called Anti will be none other than Travis Scott, who worked with the singer on “Bitch Better Have My Money” and is rumored to be her boyfriend. However, Europeans will have the amazing chance of seeing her perform alongside Big Sean and the Weeknd. Anti is set to promote Rihanna’s next album, but you can also expect to listen to popular singles such as “Diamonds”or “Umbrella”.

3. Adele

Adele's tour this is year is one of the most anticipated 2016 music tours.

When: July 5 – November 9

Where: North America, Europe

Price: $35.50 – $149.50

It has been a while since Adele’s last musical tour or concert for that matter. After making that stunning comeback at the end of last year, her new album became a best-seller in only two months, as it was released in November. This is truly one of the top 2016 music tours, as shortly after her future live performances have been announced all dates were rapidly sold out.

4. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is determined to put a fantastic show after a long break.

When: to be announced

Where: North America, Europe

Price: to be announced

Janet Jackson’s new album, which comes after a break of seven and a half years, deserves its own promotional tour. Unbreakable is considered by many her best work since the classic All For You released in 2001. The tour was postponed until spring due to the singer’s surgery, but you can be sure you will soon watch again her dynamic and powerful performance.

5. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

Our top 2016 music tours includes the one of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

When: January 16 – March 17

Where: North America

Price: $55 – $155

Springsteen plans to include something he has only done once before in a music tour: perform the double LP named “The River” every night of the tour. Thus, those of you who will attend the concerts will also get the chance to listen to songs such as “Stolen Car”, “The Price You Pay” and “Wreck on the Highway”. Apart from this, the singer plans to include fan favorites and the best outtakes for the show’s ending, which makes his string of live performances one of the top 2016 music tours.

6. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's live performances are included in our top 2016 music tours.

When: March 9 – July 18

Where: North America, Europe

Price: $101 – $920

Justin Bieber’s career seems to continue to be a roller coaster. After his fall he managed to make a spectacular comeback last year in November, as four of his songs climbed to the top three spots on the charts: “What Do You Mean?”, “Sorry”, “Love Yourself” and “Purpose”. We can expect his 2016 tour to be as successful as his new album, by combining vulnerability with dominance.

7. Selena Gomez

Selena's 2016 tour will include cabaret dancing.

When: May 6 – July 8

Where: North America

Price: $45 – $100

Selena’s 2016 music tour is set to include loads of dancing and cabaret, as she has pointed out during both the Jingle Ball tour and the American Music Awards. Thus, her fans are in for a grand show. The singer has long left behind her teen-icon image and EDM-pop style and has moved on towards an R&B style to go along with her sultry pop diva look.

8. Black Sabbath

The 2016 music tours might also include some goodbyes for the fans.

When: January 20 – September 21

Where: North America, Europe

Price: $33 – $180

Apart from being much awaited comebacks or simply spectacular shows, the 2016 music tours might also stand for goodbyes. This is the case of Black Sabbath, mostly because guitarist Tony Iommi is struggling with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The band does not have a new album, but fans will be delighted to listen to their all time favorites, as well as lost classics. The band is set to perform without drummer Bill Ward.

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