Top 10 Best Open World Games to Try

Open world games are here for one main reason: to immerse you into the gameplay. There is nothing quite as effective in that aspect as the possibility to roam freely and to make your own choices, walk your own paths, and pursue the storyline in the order you want. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that is likely because of how time-consuming they are. If you are one of those people who want to solve every single tiny quest and explore every corner of the world, be ready to spend tens of hours of gameplay. But we love it. And this is thanks to the best open world games so far.

Best Open World Games


#1 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The fuss around Skyrim has already faded, even now, years after the release of the game. And there was a very rightful reason for people to be excited. It had dragons, it had all the right elements of an epic fantasy quest, and the sheer size of its openness gave players tens and tens of hours of gameplay.

#2 Grand Theft Auto

We couldn’t settle for just one title, though some fans argue that San Andreas might be the best installment in the franchise. Although some tweaks are made here and there, the main premise of the GTA series remains unchanged. This is a game that allows us to experiment with all the things morally and legally forbidden in real life, all under the title of one of the best open world games.

#3 Batman: Arkham City

A game that managed to knock Spider-Man 2 off its throne as the best superhero movie up to date, Arkham City is a superior follow up to the game released in 2009. Players are thrown in the boots of Batman and they are free to explore Arkham Island to their heart’s desire.

#4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The conclusion of this trilogy went off with a blast, managing to give players everywhere a unique and fantastic experience as one of the best open world games. The atmosphere in Wild Hunt makes your gameplay feel less like a chore list and more like a real experience.

#5 Red Dead Redemption

This is a game that can be savored both by people who are fans of the western genre and those who are seeking a refreshing and challenging open world game. Rockstar Studios have made a name for themselves by producing some of the best open world games and this thrilling release doesn’t disappoint.

#6 Fallout

We’re in a similar position to GTA over here. There have been some titles that stood out through the franchise, such as Fallout 4 and New Vegas, but none on a Skyrim level. As a whole, the Fallout series gives an experience very similar to The Elder Scrolls, with the main difference being the setting.

#7 Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

It’s a bit of an odd choice, but so was the one to make the transition from a swift and linear gameplay experience to one with a little bit more freedom to it. The fifth Metal Gear Solid installment brought in a pinch of realism to one of the best open world games.

#8 Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Perhaps Ubisoft’s defining title, Assassin’s Creed looked like it was on the verge of collapse after the general disappointment fans felt towards Assassin’s Creed III, a game that ended up feeling lackluster and dull despite all of the development. Don’t worry, Black Flag redeemed it and gave a complete revamp to the feeling and gameplay.

#9 Minecraft

Like it or not, Minecraft is an open world game – and one of the best open world games at it too. The following that it had built behind itself and the enthusiasm of the players are enough of a marker for its huge success.

#10 Dragon Age: Inquisition

Management positions aren’t exactly what we make them out to be, but Dragon Age sure wants us to be deceived. Leading your own troops, you explore a vast world, command armies, and defeat monsters, all without the tedious paperwork affiliated with being the boss.

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