Top 10 Best Zombie Movies Ever Filmed

Anything zombie related used to be the spice and pepper of media during the genre’s peak of glory. At the time when movies with this theme being were released, around the 1960’s, they represented a new form of horror that, unfortunately, ended up being exploited to the point it became predictable, clichéd, and mostly morose and boring. But the best zombie movies managed to break the pattern and to bring a refreshing take to the table. In case you’re looking to have your undead movie flame ignited again, these are the Top 10 Best Zombie Movies Ever Filmed that you need to make sure you’ve seen.

Best Zombie Movies


#1 Night of the Living Dead

It’s impossible not to give the top pick to the movie that actually started it all. George A. Romero’s indie movie from 1968 became, in time, a definite cult classic thanks to its capacity to give us the first believable scenario of dead rising and seeking to spill blood. It wasn’t just the zombie action that made this flick memorable, but also the heavy social undertones that poignantly pointed out issues of racism and sexism.

#2 28 Days Later

Just like we’ve established, the best zombie movies know how to breathe fresh life into the tropes and genres. 28 Days Later is one of them. It had all of the starter elements of a standard zombie flick, but manages to completely surprise everyone by shifting the focus on exploration of human nature and deep meanings.

#3 Dawn of the Dead

Although we’re mostly referring to Romero’s 70’s classic, it’s worth mentioning that Zack Snyder’s 2004 remake is just as much of a worthy entry on this list. The original follows two SWAT team members who take refuge in a mall as the world falls prey to the wrath of the undead, sharing its setting with the modern version.

#4 Shaun of the Dead

How else could you refresh the zombie genre if not through a lot of humor and memorable quotes? It was this formula that turned Shaun of the Dead into one of the best zombie movies, a flick which shows what we would all really do when the apocalypse hits – worry about everything else and scream a lot.

#5 Zombieland

The movie has its definite flaws and not much of it makes sense, but it’s this very seeming lack of direction and uncanny casual tone amid chaos that made it such a hit with audiences. Starring a stellar cast, Zombieland is one of those movies that managed to bring a new perspective to an old genre.

#6 Dead Snow

If you ever thought that the concept of dead rising from their graves and hunting to consume flesh is crazy, then you haven’t seen anything. Dead Snow thought that this trope was outdated and decided to give it a fresh twist by making even crazier. Therefore, we now have a movie about flesh-eating Nazi zombies instead.

#7 Braindead

Can you make gore funny? Peter Jackson delivered us in his pre Lord of the Rings era a zombie splatter flick that was as odd as it was eerily entertaining. It took the premise of a murderous undead mother and made it unique and memorable.

#8 The Return of the Living Dead

The main reason for this movie’s inclusion on this list is that it was the first to establish brains as the preferred gourmet choice of the undead, thus earning its spot among the best zombie movies. It has everything from action to uniqueness and a fitting deathpunk soundtrack.

#9 Zombi

Zombi picked up on the success of Night of the Living Dead and decided to make it its own. There’s some zombie action going on an island and a lot of graphic images and gore, so don’t watch it on a full belly.

#10 [REC]

This Spanish flick earned its place among the best zombie movies thanks to the inspiration it provided for the movie Quarantine, its American remake. But it stands its ground perfectly, managing to instill in our hearts the dread we should all feel in a scenario where the dead are walking.

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