Top 10 Funny Hats You Could Try

Fashion is something I never could quite get right. Still, I have never been the subject of public humiliation because of my fashion choices. Some people have the weirdest sense when it comes to style, no only with clothes, but also as far as accessories are concerned. Let’s take hats as an example.

In my life I have had the chance to see some very funny hats and some equally outrageous ones. If you want to make a clear fashion statement, or are simply attracted by the dubious side of fashion, you should definitely take a look at the following 10 funny hats. And they won’t even get you started! There are many more funny trucker hats, funny baby hats, funny hard hats and more available for purchase online.

 1. Funny Rainbow Hat

This guy probably likes rainbows so much that he decided to wear a funny hat with a rainbow pattern. Who could blame him? Everybody loves rainbows! You could definitely buy this as a funny birthday or Christmas gift to an exuberant friend.

2. Funny Flower Hat

Everybody knows that one girl that loves flowers more than anything else. Believe us, she wants this hat. No animal, fish, cats, derby, sausage, cowboy, trucker or gold hats. Believe us. She want’s this one. Of course, there are no guarantees that she will wear it outside the house, but still, it is one of the funniest hats we have found online.

3. Funny Pharaoh Hat

Admit it! You also wished you could have been a pharaoh, to have all the women you like, to rule over Egypt and be treated like a God. Now is your chance. Obviously, you will never have as much swag as Tutankhamen, but you can still make a strong impression. This is one of the best-looking funny hats for men.

4. Funny Cookie Monster Hat

If you are looking to buy funny hats for children you could go for a beanie, decals or knit hats. Or you could buy this super awesome cookie monster hat. Hell, I’m not a kid and I’d still buy it. It also comes in fitted sizes so it can be worn by women, men, and kids.

5. Funny Marshmallow Hat

I don’t know about you, but I always thought that the pope has hilarious hat. That was until I saw this marshmallow one. It looks so tasty that I would be tempted to eat it. It would make for a very cheap meal, also.

6. Funny Butterfly Hat

Are you still searching for funny hat ideas? Here’s one that will definitely satisfy your curiosity: the funny butterfly hat. I would definitely not wear this to a graduation, party or special event, but it could definitely work for a picnic.

7. Outrageous Sofa Hat

If we thought that you could wear the previous funny hats in public, this is definitely not one you should be showing your face in public it. Sure, it looks hilarious, but what exactly was this madam thinking when she decided to wear her sofa to town?

Fashion Of Funny Hats 1

8. Funny Duck Hat

What would you think if all the ski, fishing and baseball professionals started wearing duck hats instead of their own? It would definitely be a sight for sore eyes. Take a look at these hilarious funny hats for men.


9. Funny Paper Hat

How can some people be so creative? This hilarious lady makes funny hats from paper. It actually looks very cool.


10. Funny Umbrella Hat

Can you be practical and fashionable at the same time? The answer is yes! Take a look at this Umbrella hat. This is definitely something I would wear on a rainy day.


BONUS: Funny Squid Hat

Haven’t had enough of our funny hat pictures? We will give you another one: the funny squid hat. I think you should only wear this in the house, though.


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