Top 10 Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costumes

September begins and school kids and adults alike skip to planning for the next fun holiday – Halloween.  A quick online glance at the new trends for Halloween costumes indicates that you may well see a good number of last year’s Angry Birds, back again for a repeat (and with a better costume).  Also on the up and coming list, Avengers costumes, Merida (Disney’s Brave), and new additions to the Monster’s High costume selection.

2012 Halloween Costume Trends

Here are our best guesses for what to expect in 2012 Halloween Costume Trends

1.  Dress up as Obama/Romney political posers. Obama Mask

This happens every four years where parents take it upon themselves to dress their kids as a political character in order to “campaign” door to door as they trick or treat.  It can be cute.  Or just weird.  And it can definitely be annoying.  Even if you don’t see many of these political costumes out and about, you’ll notice them for sure, and much like the presidential election, it could be scary.


Obama Halloween Mask

Photo Courtesy of kevin douley Flickr

2.  The Avengers Halloween Costumes.

As mentioned above, this one is just too easy.  Kids will be dressing up as the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and so on and so forth.  Even the women can get in the action with the Avengers Black Widow Costume.  It’s easy. And looks pretty good.

Avengers Halloween Costume

Photo Courtesy of RevoltPuppy Flickr

3. Angry Birds Costume.

Last year was for the birds, with a lot of home made Angry Bird costumes, but few in the stores.  This means there may be some latent, repressed birders out there willing to don the costume.  Yellow and red mostly (click here for the Angry Birds Red Costume), and available for boys and girls.

Angry Birds Halloween Costume

Photo Courtesy of flickrsummer Flickr

4.  Disney Princess | Disney Brave Merida Costume.

This one never gets old, and this year we have Disney’s Merida the Brave Costume out and about for sale.  Very cute and in a number of sizes.  It would be cute for the big sister, especially if you can convince a few younger siblings to dress up as the bratty bears/brothers.

Disney Princess Merida Halloween Costume

Photo Courtesy of armadillo444 Flickr

5. Batman Themed Halloween Costume.

There are likely going to be a number of  Batman Begins Costumes and Catwoman Costumes out and about, especially at the adult parties this year.   Sexy Catwoman costumes abound. . .

Batman Halloween Costume

Photo Courtesy of inneedofhelp08 Flickr

Homemade Halloween Costumes

6. Dress up as London Olympics Medal Winners.

Options abound as to what you might want to wear – speedos, gymnastics outfits, and tracksuits, are just some of the options.  Throw a handmade gold medal around your neck and your an Olympian.

7. Adult Fifty Shades of Grey Costume.

Dress up as a clueless college student and/or a ruggedly handsome millionaire.   Grab some handcuffs, and you’re fully costumed as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. This one is adult-only.

8. Hunger Games for Halloween.

Put on a frayed black outfit (remember, you’re poor), brown leather jacket and grab a bow and arrow for a prop and you’re all set to be Katniss Everdeen (don’t forget to braid your hair!)

Katniss and Peeta Halloween Costume

Photo Courtesy of Eryne! Flickr

9. Pregnant Snookie Costume

Jersey up your hair, spray on some fake tan, grab a pillow and dress up as a pregnant Snookie.

10. Dress up as Twilight characters Bella/Edward OR Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson

Dress up as a, angsty and remorseful Kristen Stewart (all black outfit and sad face)?  Or a pregnant, glowing, Bella.  Even better, you can go as Vampiric Edward or rebound Pattinson.  There must be a Pattinson mask out there somewhere.  Of course, either way, you are only slightly less of a Twihard than the YouTube fan who sobbed out her devastation at Kristen’s cheating ways.

Bella Swan Halloween Costume

Photo Courtesy of Naomi Lir Flickr



  1. These are all great costume suggestions. Surprised but thrilled Honey Boo-Boo didn’t make the list… 😉

    But here’s another great costume idea: be a Ghost Patrol agent! It’s a creepy cool mobile experience for the whole family. Play it alone in the dark if you dare.

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