Top 10 largest concerts in history


10. Blockbuster RockFest 1997 [385,000] was a music event that celebrated capital punishment. It was held on Texas Motor Speedway with hot artists like No Doubt, Counting Crows and Matchbox Twenty.


9. Woodstock 1969 [400,000] was the pop culture event of that decade that had a big influence on both American music and culture. Legendary artists like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Santana and the Who was only a few of many others that performed. The audience, that were mostly hippies, sent a message to the world that everyone could gather together to enjoy music and celebrate peace.


8. Toronto SARS Benefit 2003 [450,000+]. The disease SARS that attacked Asia and Toronto in Canada was the reason for this benefit concert. Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Justin Timberlake were some of the artists that supported by performing.


7. Simon & Garfunkel [500,000] held their second reunion concert in Central Park in 1981. It was a free concert that was televised by HBO.


6. Isle of Wight Festival [600,000] was the biggest concert ever held in UK. The Who, The Doors and Leonard Cohen were some of the performing artists, and Jimi Hendrix had unfortunately his last performance on this event. All the tickets were sold out the first day.


5. Summer Jam at Watkins Glen [600,000+]. A huge hippy concert heldat the Grand Prix auto circuit in Watkins Glen, New York, with bands like The Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers.


4. Steve Wozniak’s 1983 US Festival [670,000] was a culture festival sponsored by one of the co-founders of Apple Computers, Steve Wozniak. It was held in California with great performers like Motley Crue, U2 and David Bowie.


3. Garth Brooks in Central Park [750,000] was a great country concert with excited and cheering “cowboys” in the audience. Brooks performed classics as “Friends in Low Places”, and “The Dance”.


2. New York Philharmonic in Central Park 1986 [800,000]. The largest classical concert that celebrated the rededication of the Statue of Liberty. It was one of largest outdoor concert ever


1. Rod Stewart at Copacabana Beach 1994 [3,500,000]. A New Years celebration featuring Rod Stewart with the largest concert crowd ever. The wonderful Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was overcrowed with singing and celebrating audience.


  1. I bet you never heard of the polish “Przystanek Woodstock”(between 300.000 and a million visitors every year) or the hungarian “sziget”(about 400.000 visitors every year)…


  2. Jean Michel Jarre has at least 2 positions there.C’mon, you should have been more informed 😉

  3. I feel like the festivals and single artist shows should be separated. It’s just really hard to compare a whole bill of artists with a single act.

  4. Where´s MONSTER OF ROCK with 1,5 million people???????? WTF

    the first in my lovely nation!! BRASIL!

  5. iron maiden,rush,the rolling stones,and page and plant played to 1 million people in brazil!!!

  6. What about Altimont in Cali, 1969. Not everyone who attended was able to leave alive. =) Gotta love Sonny and his Angels.

  7. Monsters of Rock ’91 in Moscow was the biggest concert of all time.

    love parade isnt a concert..

  8. Check your facts everyone and the Guiness Book of Records. Jean michel Jarre dwarfs them all with having the largest gathering of people in history in one place for any event (in this case for a rock concert in Moscow, Paris and Houston respectively, of course), other than for the purposes of war. The world does not consist only of performers of US nationality or those from English speaking backgrounds.

  9. Where is Live Aid 1985? performed simultaneously in London in Wembley Stadium and John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia

  10. what!!? The no. 1 is not genuine, because it was at the same time with New Year’s Eve. They should state it more clearly, THE LARGEST AND MOST ROCKING CONCERT EVER. Because I bet during Rod’s concert, people just gather and mostly for New year’s event. Only rock and metal concert where people attend TO ROCK THE CONCERT OUT.

  11. i like how metallica had 2.5mill. people in moscow in 1991 and there not up there lol

  12. I am so proud of your viewpoint about the world largest concert and the largest audience ever,but,just remember that nobody breaked yet Jarre’s record in Moscow,the event was viewed by an audience of 3,5 millions people,it’s still no.1 in Guinness World Records Book,please,be more informed,this is the fourth Jarre’s record,1st was in Place de la Concorde(14 July 1979),attended by 1million,2nd was Rendes-vous Houston(5 April 1986),attended by 1,5millions,3rd was Paris La Defence(14 July 1990) and 4th was Oxygen In Moskow(6 Sept 1997) attended by 3.5 millions people,and Jarre have many other concerts with an audience more that 1 million,but I was talking here strictly about concerts chronology in Guiness Records Book.But what did you say about the 3 BILLION audience on Monaco Concert………………………… happy for you.

  13. and where is rock in rio ’85 , 400 000 people and Monsters of Rock ’91 in Moscow 1.6m people ????

  14. The Stones had 1 and a half MILLION people in copacabana and it wasn’t at new year’s eve. That’s 1,500,000 people, so you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  15. Beach Boys & others played DC and Philly on same day…over 1.5 million…not sure of the year but on July 4…to benefit renovation of Statue of Liberty…

  16. jean michel jarre should have at least 3 placements in this top ten!

    very inaccurate!

  17. This list is a total bullshit. 1st Jarre 2nd Monsters of Rock 1991. New Year’s Eve is the event itself so it can’t be taken into cosideration

  18. What about Metallica and AC/DC in Moscow in 1990. There must have een atleast 800 000 – 1 000 000 people!

  19. Does any of these words means something?
    Metallica?, 1991?, moscow?, Monsters of Rock Festival?, 1.6 millions?, Metal up your a**?, Heavy Metal?

  20. I think you guys forgot pink floyd the wall live in berlin. where all of germany east and west were brought together by a 400 metre stage that was 4 storiies high and broardcast live round the world maybe beiigest stage to.

  21. Love Parade in Berlin is an electronic music festival that drew 1,400,000 people last year. Where’s that on your list?

  22. Urrr….Jean Michel Jarre?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Moscow – 1997 (3,500,000) – WORLDS LARGEST CONCERT!!!!!
    Paris – 1990 (2,500,000) – Record Breaker at time
    Houston – 1987 (1,300,000) – Record breaker at time
    Paris – 1995 (1,200,000)
    Paris – 1979 (1,000,000) – Record breaker at time

    All of these are larger than this entire top 10 (except Rod Stewart, which equals Jean’s Moscow concert)

  23. Fishbone. Waterloo Records, Austin, TX. October 26, 2011. 12 people attended. Better than Rod Stewart.

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