Top 10 Linkin Park Songs

Those who remember the tunes of Linkin Park remember the good ole days. In a time when rock music was peaking thanks to those of the likes of Evanescence and the previously mentioned, we benefited from some of the most memorable songs of all time. After all, years later, you can still hear people complain that they tried so hard and, in the end, it didn’t even matter. Without further ado, here are the Linkin Park songs that became a definite trademark for the band and that will be remembered even further down the line.

linkin park songs


10 Best Linkin Park Songs

#1 Numb

The third single off the album METEORA, Numb is one of those Linkin Park songs that you can instantly recognize right off the bat curtsy of the unmistakable intro accords. This critically acclaimed musical piece was the perfect reflection of Linkin Park’s successful formula, which brought together nu metal and alternative rock.

#2 In The End

It was a truly difficult task to pick those two tracks apart, but In The End is absolutely worthy of all the praise in the world. Shinoda’s flawless rapping perfectly blended with the angst-ridden and emotion-packed melody and, in the end (ha, ha), it proved to be a pattern that defines Linkin Park even to this day.

#3 What I’ve Done

Released as the first single off the album Minutes to Midnight, What I’ve Done proved that lyrical and melodic mastery were theirs to own. There is something about this track that simply enthralls you and we reckon it has a lot to do with the emotional message and the social commentary in the music video.

#4 New Divide

Soundtrack for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, this track represented a swift transition from old school rock to something a bit more novel and contemporary, all while the band still kept its personal touch. Critics received really well the modern and electronic undertones and fans couldn’t help but agree, ranking it as one of the best Linkin Park songs.

#5 Faint

The only fainting that will happen here will be fainting because of the awesomeness of this song. METEORA’s second single had everything Linkin Park in it – the nu rock, the rapping over the metal accords, and the fist-bumping empowering vocal performance. Faint is an excellent anthem for all those with wild hearts.

linkin park songs


#6 Breaking the Habit

Breaking the Habit continues the METEORA chain of successes even without the band’s trademark guitar riffs and Shinoda rapping. The track was an immediate fan favorite particularly because of its creative anime-based music video and the very personal darkness in the message, found in other Linkin Park songs.

#7 Somewhere I Belong

Another METEORA classic, Somewhere I Belong stayed true to the core of Linkin Park with the Shinoda rapping – Bennington vocals combo and the moody rawness of the melody and lyrics. Just like its other album fellows, the song charted in plenty of top twenties all over the world, managing to snatch a spot among the top fifty of the Billboard Hot 100.

#8 One Step Closer

We can’t talk about Linkin Park’s greatest songs without mentioning the one that really broke them through to a wide audience. The track is filled with frustrations and aggressive, distorted guitars and it properly illustrates the prototype of the band’s trademark nu-metal sound.

#9 Crawling

Coming straight off Hybrid Theory, Crawling marked the band’s first win at the Grammy Awards and, boy, out of all the other Linkin Park songs, it wholly deserved it. The song fantastically showcases Bennington’s vocal rage, which is able to provide soothing and haunting vocals, as well as to belt to extreme power-packed screams.

#10 Burn It Down

The only recent track released by the band, Burn It Down was released to mend the disappointment fans felt upon hearing the electronic vibes given by A Thousand Suns. Needless to say, the eight million copies sold stand as proof that fans forgave them and sent off plenty of accolades for the great sound of the tune.

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