Top 10 Misconceptions About Nudism

Nudism (naturalism) has been a center of attraction forever – be it the sidelong, scandalized glares or the welcoming, liberal brouhaha around it – Nudism, let’s face is famous, or infamous. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant, fact is: you cannot ignore it.

So here’s a list of myths that have been built around nudism over time. What is not openly understood, is mostly classified ‘exotic’, ‘occult’ or even as some other “not so-very-cool” names.

Let’s explore some of more famous misconceptions surrounding Nudism – the lifestyle.

Misconception No 1: Nudists ‘do it’ everywhere

Come on, really?! This is probably the most hyped and belligerent of all Nudism misconceptions – that they do it everywhere. Needless to say, it’s so not the truth.
Truth however is: Anyplace where Nudism is practised, any exhibitionist and voyeuristic practise is ‘strictly’ prohibited. Anyone who flouts these rules is immediately expelled – and never allowed to re-enter. A nudist resort does not allow any more explicit sexual activity than any other public setting.

Now – you’re a little more enlightened. But there’s more…

Misconception No 2: Nudism has just one primary goal: Sexual Stimulation

So there goes the second one! Most people who try nudism are surprised – and they really are – at the lack of absolute sexual arousal. Granted there may be instances where this is not true – but for those who try nudism for holistic purposes and not as another sex game – the above is true. We promise.

Look at it this way – from a nudist point of view, one tends to feel more arousal/attraction in a pool where people are dressed in bathing suits owing to strips of clothes trying to hide body parts that draw attraction. But when you’re nude, and so is everyone, you tend to notice less!

Misconception No 3: All Nudists are super hotties!

Now that’s just plain dumb propaganda. Are all lawyers hot? Or all accountants? You’ve really got to hit the internet to look for not-so-airbrushed pictures of celebrities to find that not even all celebrities are real life hotties!

Nudists have all kind of bodies – just like people in real life do. There are varied shapes and sizes and girths. There are toned muscles as there is flab.

Nudism my friends, ain’t no beauty contest!

Misconception No 4: Nudism is: Just for adults!

Actually no. Considering those who practise it as a life style, nudism welcomes families to bring their kids along. And given this, let’s not forget to note that children are the most enthusiastic nudists because they’ve haven’t yet been fully initiated into the ‘feeling shame’ business.

However, children are allowed only when they are accompanied by their parents or guardians and there is a strict look out for anyone who may be trying to take advantage of the children. Thank goodness for that!

Misconception No 5: Nudists stay sans clothes – all the freaking time!

Ok. Maybe there is some truth to this one. Nudists do prefer to stay sans clothes as much as possible, resorting to clothing only when the weather is too cool etc. Nudist kids who aren’t toilet trained yet are required to wear swim shorts or diapers in a pool.

Misconception No 6: Nudists are depraved sexual deviant weirdoes.

That’s simply spiteful to say in the least. Nudists are an extremely open people – believe it or not, that’s what Nudism is about – openness, in more forms than just one.
Nudists are regular people who like their birthday suits more than average people do, that’s all. In fact they are as repulsed by pornography or sexual immorality as may be someone who doesn’t practise Nudism at all.

Misconception No 7: Nudists are asexual.

So some people believe that since nudists treat nudism as “so-not-sexual-thing”, they’re completely off sex! That’s just — well, not true.

Nudists have sex too. Like everyone else. They have children. It’s just that they do not include their sexual activities in their life styles for two reasons: one, they don’t want to corrupt the healthy nudist family environment they try to create, and two – they don’t want the world outside to attach the sex-stigma to nudism. Something that most people are ready to believe about Nudism anyway!

Misconception No 8: Nudists have absolutely no sense of privacy at all!

Let us throw a question at you: Just because you’re nude in bathroom do you lose all of your sense of privacy? No, right? So the Nudists play nude wherever they do – but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of privacy. In fact Nudists are camera shy and shy to most of the world outside in general.

In most Nudist setting taking pictures is prohibited and taking pictures of children is also very strictly forbidden!

Misconception No 9: Nudism is illegal.

So most people think that places where Nudism is practised are hubs of sexual voyeurism and deviancy and such places are kept a secret for allowing this lifestyle in fear of law agencies tracking and prosecuted them.

Well, can’t speak for every Nudist facility in the world, but in most places laws do not target nudism. In most countries being nude in a public place is an offence and law agencies generally treat nudist venues as being exempt from the law since the venue is kept out of public view and anyone who visits the venue explicitly agrees to get nude.

However there are places where this misconception is an actual truth: Nudism is officially prohibited in the State of Arkansas… and Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq.

Misconception No 10: Nudism are aliens and the mother ship is resting somewhere in Texas!

For a world that has its set of conspiracy theory enthusiasts, Nudists have their fair share of ‘Who are the Nudists, really?’ – stories doing the rounds.
But that’s ok. As long as the Nudists know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, it doesn’t matter where the mother ship is resting – or not.


  1. I’ve never heard of ANYONE thinking #3…I have however heard the opposite every time…whoops.

    and as for the “it doesn’t matter where the mother ship is resting – or not.” part, well…that’s what you want us to think!

  2. How about a more realistic title? Like, instead of “misconceptions” how about “things nobody actually believes but is in our agenda to bitch about?”

  3. Morley why do you care what people say about something that is wrong? but you have to call it bitching about don´t you? ohhh! i know its you that are bitching and barking from your computer everytime you can don´t you?

  4. honestly noone really gives a fuck about anything written above . . its just some crazy shit westerners made up one day to be something hip and cool or just ‘rebellious’ . . and then some fanatic made some deep meaning and reasoning about the principles of nudism, aaand some nudist believed

    happens all the time in different forms

  5. , if anyone is aetindtng nudist resorts for the purpose of “seeing” people who look good naked, they are not going for the right reason. Nudist are simply a part of general society, so at nudist resorts you will see the same cross-section of people as you’ll see in general public. Some people are over-weight, some people are under-weight, some people have defects, but the choices they make are strictly between them, their immediate family and their health care providers. It is not my place, nor in my humble opinion, anyone else’s place to tell them they should not enjoy nude recreation because they don’t fit my (or societies) vision of nude bodies. We nudists are proud of our ability to be tolerant of others, whether it be religious, ethnic, sexual orientation, body type or age. For example, when someone says over-weight people should be required to lose weight and become fit, is no different to me, then to say homosexual individuals should be required to be straight because AIDS is more prevalent in gays and they therefore are endangering themselves by their choices. It is BS of the first order! It is my humble opinion that when someone makes comments about what OTHERS should or should not do, or how they should look, they have crossed the line and shown their own prejudices. Whether I am 6’ tall and 175 lbs or 5’ tall and 240 lbs should not … and generally DOES NOT matter to my fellow nudists. If I am an old gay, tattooed, over-weight, one legged, wheel chair bound nudist, I should be proud of who I am and the body I have, since that is the one I’m rather attached to:) Even more importantly, if I’m that 6’ 175 lb hard-body, I should be accepting of the previously described individual. I am proud to say I do know that individual and can attest there has never been a more worth-while person created. Remember to skinny-dip, it’ll add color to your cheeks!

  6. I completely agree with celeste! No one should be ashamed about their bodies, we are all created equaly beautiful no matter what you look like. I’m a nudist and have a lot of friends who aren’t nudists themselves but they repect my choices and I respect theirs. If people can learn to respect and accept others for who and what they are and how they were created, life would be so much more fun and peaceful. Stop judging other because no one is better than another! We are all equal in the eyes of the Lord, its time we look at eachother through heaven’s eyes! I’m a nudist and I’m proud of it!

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