Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Spots In The World

Are you planning to go on a holiday anytime soon? Well, in this case, you might need to save up on a lot of money if you choose to head for one of the following destinations. For those with heavy pockets, here we have the most expensive vacation spots in the world.

#1 Musha Cay, Bahamas

Most Expensive Vacation Spots


It shouldn’t come off as a surprise that the queen these luxurious escapades is an island. But what really sets Musha Cay apart, aside from its reputation, is the fact that a trip there requires you to rent the entire island for a price that can get around $40,000 for a single night. There are some advantages to this, though, since you can tag some friends some along (a maximum of 11) and enjoy together some peaceful moments full of relaxation and adventure (for an extra price).

#2 Olso, Norway

Surprise, surprise. But, yes, one of the biggest money-eaters out of all the expensive travel destinations on this list isn’t an exotic island or a location in the Arab Emirates. Oslo is quite infamously known as a place with overwhelming living expenses, so this isn’t exactly news to those familiar with the whereabouts of European countries. Even though the people of Norway live a fairly good life, some sectors such as tourism possess prices 20% higher than in the rest of the world.

#3 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We’re no strangers to talk of Dubai being a hotspot for wealthy people who have plenty of money to burn. While some locations on this list gained their value in time, Dubai was built and transformed specifically to draw in financially potent people with money to spend.

#4 Tuscany, Italy

Italy as a whole isn’t necessarily an expensive destination, but the Tuscany region wholly makes up for it. Much of the value of the area that makes a vacation so expensive is the fact that Tuscany is pretty much its own “bio and natural” area. Full of rustic landscapes, Tuscany’s vintage appeal weigh a lot on travelers’ pockets.

#5 Seychelles

A country made of a set of islands, similar to the style of the Fiji islands, Seychelles is an overload of expenses and exotic luxury. Although basically every island part of this structure belongs to this list, Fregate Island takes the cake. We suppose all the expenses are worth it, especially given that you can adopt a giant tortoise.

#6 Bora Bora

Most Expensive Vacation Spots


The French Polynesian island is renowned for how light it makes the pockets of those who choose to visit it. However, in its case, this is a result of a combination of circumstances. Not only is a vacation there costly, but a flight there is also pretty expensive.

#7 British Virgin Islands

You have plenty to choose from when visiting the British Virgin Islands. Your safest (and most expensive) bet is with the private villa from the island of Guana that’s rented by the CEO of Virgin Corporation to all those seeking a holiday.

#8 New York City

The American landmark city draws in millions of visitors each year. Given how it’s the heart of culture, glamor, and fun all at once, there’s no wonder that a vacation to the Big Apple burns a big hole in your pockets.

#9 Fiji

Fiji is a conglomeration of a grand total of 332 islands, all with their “gates” open for tourists. The most attractive thing about Fiji is the plain pristine appeal of the islands, which are well preserved and benefit from nature protection.

#10 Paris

One of Europe’s greatest capitals needs an appropriate pricing for vacations to justify its reputation. The trickiest thing about Paris is that you need at least one week to capture at least half of the marvels the city has to offer, so an extended stay is necessary (and pricey).

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