Top 10 most nasty food dishes around the world

Every culture has its own food specialties that are rather unusual to others. Here we have picked out 10 food dishes that are strange and maybe repulsive.


10. Ducks tongue. This specialty is available in Hong Kong, and is often served with celery.


9. Worm-filled lollipops. These lollipops are filled with oatmeal worms and grasshoppers. You simply suck them out and eat them.

sheeps-heart-food 8. Haggis. At a first glance it looks like a vegetable, but in reality it’s a sheep’s heart, lungs and liver mixed with spices, oatmeal and onion.


7. Deep fried Mars bar. Considered as one of Scotland’s most famous delicacies, these Mars bars are fried in oil and proudly served in fish and chip shops.


6. Digger wasp rice cracker. In Japan rice crackers are so popular that they are making them with insects like wasps.


5. Fried spiders. These spiders taste like chicken with a crispy surface, and if you want to try one you should go to Cambodia.


4. Snake. Most people despite these creatures but in China stuffed snake and snake powder are a common dishes.


3. Seahorses on skewers. In China they deep fry these seahorses and put them on skewers for sale. They are considered as a delicacy because seahorses are rare to find.


2. Blood dishes. These bowls of raw blood are pretty common in Southeast Asia. The blood are usually from ducks or pigs and it can be eaten with different cooked entrails.


1. Guinea pig. During a pig festival in Peru, these guinea pigs are cooked. It is a traditional dish that goes way back to pre-Incas times.


  1. lol haggis is quite normal albeit having nasty ingredients, its lovely, also we hate the deep fried mars bars, its our national shame haha. i tried one once and it was disgusting. to be fair tho they should have fried it in clean oil and not the same sh*t they use for fish and chips etc.

    in Poland they have a ducks blood soup, czernina, not even balut was listed here wtf lol.

  2. Hey bro! Do u ever eat pinea pig??? In Perú we call it “Cuy” .. and it’s SO DELICIOUS …. maybe u wrote that because it seems like a rat, I know… but, is u said nasty…. c’mon! it’s really good meal!

  3. guinea pigs are very tasty here in peru.. it tastes like a little chicken but it has a very good flavor 🙂

  4. ohhh we won, Peru won !!! xD
    I can bet that if you eat a fried Guinea Pig (in fact, the name is fried CUY) without knowing what it is and maybe in a better presentation of the dish … you’ll want to repeat the meal x)

  5. Haggis is not nasty. It’s beautiful.

    How can haggis be in a ‘nasty food’ list, but pork sausages aren’t when they are made of even nastier cuts of a pig and also mixed with saw dust?!


  6. As a Hong Kong-er, eating ducks tongue isn’t a big deal. It is so common like eating chips or french fried in USA.

  7. I’m peruvian, and here the guinea pig is called CUY, is delicious, really. You have to taste it. Oh, you forgot Zuri, is a dish from de jungle. The Zuri is larv wich grow up in some trees.

  8. Don’t forget Menudo from Mexico, it is basically cow stomach stew. I am hooked on it and it is one of my favorite dishes EVER!

  9. Having been to China- I tried duck tongue and that was as adventurous as I got. What we get in CHinese restaurants in the West- is not common in China!
    For example my Shanghai hosts knew I was Western and probably worried about food- so they served goat hip and pig spine- actually quite tasty- but both very smelly.
    Balut in Philippines is cooked duck or chicken half-grown in the egg- sounds disgusting but is delicious.
    Blood sausage & pickled bloody duck egg is only common among the non Muslims.
    Haggis is nice- it just sounds disgusting. Deep fried mars bar- delicious.
    Sea-horse is not bad- it tastes mildly fishy- no different to eating shrimp.
    Spider, scorpion & grasshopper are disgusting.
    Don’t forget Koreans & some Chinese and their love of dog & rat meat.
    Also in China the Guangzhou (southerners) people are famous for eating anything with legs not a furniture, that flies is not a plane or swims that is not a ship. Also from Guangzhou- but now popular in Beijing and Shanghai is
    Guo-li-zhuang famous penis restaurant”- which is hugely popular with a US branch.
    Crazy Chinese.

  10. Grew up in Hong Kong, I’ve seen & tried some of these wacky stuff.
    I’ve eaten cuy in Peru, not much meat in it, just a lot of skin & some fat. It’s on the menu there but I got the feeling people didn’t eat it much cause I had to wait a while.
    Aborigines in Australia eat Witchetty grubs alive.

  11. Mars Bar and haggis are actually very nice. Dont know how they can be compared to eating a fried spider -.-

  12. In GUAM, pig intestins are bar b que, cooked in a dish with blood, deep fried, and my favorite cooking would be beef intestins, beef towel, and beef liver in coconut milk and soy sausce….it is finger licking good.

    love to chow!

  13. How come that Guiniea Pig are no. 1? we usually eat that it’s not exotic food for us.. whatabout Balut? fried fetus of ducks? fried Bats. fried Grasshopper, cow’s penises, fresh blood of snakes, fresh cultured worms, crickets, sauted caterpillars…fried native frogs. it’s all in our restaurants and in the market… visit Mindanao it’s all in the box… nom nom…

  14. In places where there are a lot of people and food is scarce, anything that doesn’t eat you first will eventually be food. When you are hungry, boiled earthworms, maggots, and yes, even Haggis, become delicious. I agree that the McDonald’s hamburger should have been included. As a source of nutrition, it is perhaps the most disgusting of all.

  15. Black pudding should be on this list. I mean it’s basically congealed blood full of disease. Yuck!

  16. But blood is common here in asia, i’m a malaysian chinese and alot of people lyk 2 eat pig blood.You can cook or steam it 🙂 Chop it into ice-cube-like shapes and serve it with some lotus root soup, rice and 😀

    Try pig skin too,it looks like a yellow-sponge-fiber thingi when cooked 🙂

  17. I’ve tried everything on this list except for worm filled lollipops while I was traveling (not sure where I can find those besides from online.) I am really surprised lutefisk is not on this list. Lets just say lye and fish do not go well together…
    From my memory, duck tongue, snake, and guinea pig were all very delicious.

  18. I’ve tried guinea pig in Peru and it was quite tasty and definitely not the strangest thing on this list.

  19. Fried tarantula? that’s pretty disgusting. Especially with all the juice inside of it.
    How can guinea pigs be on the first place? I tried it when I went to Cusco and it wasn’t that bad, a bunch of fried skin and it is definitely not served like that, actually it’s cut it in parts just like every animal we eat.. it tastes like roast chicken.

  20. 9 were worthy of the nasty denotation; haggis, on the other hand, is delicious. As has been mentioned earlier, if you eat sausages, why is haggis so distasteful?

  21. Haggis tastes great and very few people in Scotland eat deep-fried Mars Bars. Its not generally on sale in chip shops, you’d have to take a Mars in and ask them to fry it for you.

    Where’s the American heart attack burger on this list? Surely the worst of all!

  22. I can’t see anything wrong with a few of these.
    Haggis, as pointed out, is no worse than most sausages; eating Guinea Pig is no worse than eating any other sort of animal; tongue is just a muscle like any other; and I can’t see anything wrong with eating snake or deep fried mars bar (though I can’t imagine it tastes great!)

  23. of course im asian…all of those are very common…but wher’s balut from the Philippines? i do really ate fried grassopher but everyday Balut is my specialty…. would u mind?

  24. I live in the US and I love haggis and fried mars bars. I ask why pickeld herring and luttakisk(lye cured cod) arent on the list.


  26. @karley… Get real, little girl. I guess you’re missing out on so much ’cause of your attitude.

    Guinea pigs… haha, you all only see it as a pet! isn’t it? In fact is like eating rabbit, and that appears here in this list? no! so don’t hate. In Andean countries, like Colombia, Ecuador (hurray!), Perú and Bolivia, common people that lives in the highlands eat cuy (guinea pigs) because they reproduce fast, and they’re cheap to keep. It is considered a farm animal, much like pigs, chicken and cows.

    And yeah, I agree that the chinese “delicacies” are baffling, but they must taste good at least for them. I worked in these chinese big corporation some time ago and the things those people brought from their visits home were really wierd! But I love that they eat lots of vegetables in great recipes! I went to the chinese canteen several times to eat.

  27. You did not include “basa fish filet” usually found in the frozen section of US supermarkets. The fish is sometime called Mekong catfish. They are usually grown in septic ponds in rural Vietnam. Sometimes they are also known as “creamy dory”.
    Bon Appetit!

  28. You need to take a trip to Guangzhou man. Rats, cockroaches, worms, jellyfish, you name it… Tive you an idea: the “three-screaming-mouse”. It’s a live mouse fetus that screams three times during the meal: first when picked up with the chopsticks, then again when swallowed, and finally, when it dies in your tummy…

  29. I’ve had about half the things on this list, and I’ve found them all in the States. I’ve had much worse than a deep fried Mars bar, which boggled my mind when I saw it here. The food I’ve had the most trouble warming up to is century egg, although I found with a little daikon radish and chili paste, or in a bowl of congee, even that has its place in cuisine. Just picked up some Korean “beondegi”, or boiled silkworms, that I plan on trying this week. Should be interesting!

  30. People here need to get some perspective. Your country or America isn’t the center of the universe and food is food. What is weird to you isn’t to another culture. Its about perspective and not ignorance. If you continue to be ignorant then you’re the one losing out intellectually speaking.

    For example, how is duck tongue disgusting? Can anyone explain how it is disgusting, because it was in a tongue mouth? Well then how can American eat the luxury known as foie gras? If you find an organ such as a tongue disgusting, how can liver not be disgusting?

    People need to realize that just because you haven’t tried it doesn’t mean its bad. Anything that doesn’t smell ransack doesn’t deserve the title “nasty”.

  31. >6. Digger wasp rice cracker. In Japan rice crackers are so popular that they are making them with
    >insects like wasps.

    This is not a typical Japanese food. As I’m Japanese, I’ve never heard of this local specialty until very recently, and it is eaten only in rural areas in the prefecture of Kumamoto.

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