Top 10 Nicholas Sparks Books

If you have not read the top Nicholas Sparks books or if you have not seen any of his films, even without your information, it would be a real shock for all of us. Remember the famous A Walk to Remember? Well, that film was based on one of Nicholas Sparks’ novels, A Walk to Remember. And that was an excellent film, very competitive on any category for any award. And we could only think about how good the actual book is.

Nicholas Sparks was born on Dec 31, 1965 (what a day for him to be born!) in the far Nebraska. He has 17 books sold in complete edition (18 with the recent hit The Longest Ride released only a couple of years ago) and 2 that were never sold which were published when he was in university. Out of the famous bestsellers, eight were made out as films too and they were a huge hit all over the world. Do not get the wrong idea, because almost all of his novels are bestsellers loved in any part of the globe.

Genuine romantic endeavors along with an exclusive combination of suspense and thriller and with amazing turns have made Nicholas Sparks’ creations a large success. The following is a brief list of Nicholas Sparks’ romantic books and the films that were based on by his novels.

10. The Longest Ride

longest ride nicholas sparks books

The Longest Ride is the newest novel written by Nicholas Sparks, which was planned for a worldwide release in the major cities.

The Longest Ride has two storylines. The life of a ninety-one year old person at the verge of death after being in a fatal car accident, remembering the best times of his life together with his deceased spouse. And on the other side of the city, a story of love appears between a college girl and her ‘young cowboy’.

The book shows how these two pairs, although entirely from many years apart, still go through the same stages of true love. And, because this is Nicholas Sparks, you can anticipate a sudden perspective in the story somewhere in the novel.

Judging by the explanations given, it was obvious that it was going to become yet another top seller book for sure.

9. The Notebook

The Notebook

The Notebook is maybe the most popular romantic novel written by Nicholas Sparks. The tell us about an age old story of love missing and discovered again in an ironic triangle of love – the lady, her currently involved partner and the past lover who gets in back into her life. A traditional story with an original view in this Nicholas Sparks new book.

8. The Best of Me

The Best of Me

Another awesome story of a love that was lost and it is found again. Growing of a young love story is always challenging with many causes that are trying to split the partners apart, and in this book, so they do. However, after many years on different roads, the two people lovers meet again by a twist of their destiny. But then many things have been changed in both of the lovers’ life and their feelings towards each other.

“Everyone liked to believe that limitless love really was possible. She had thought about it once, too, returning to the happy time when she was only eighteen.”

7. A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember

This is probably one of the more hauntingly psychological and love experiences of all time. The book’s sad story, was actually inspired by the death of one of the Nicholas Spark’s younger sisters caused by a brain tumor.

The unfortunate events in A Walk to Remember speak about a story of a never-ending love of a passing away couple. Overall, it is a truly moving novel that motivates us to believe in true soul mates and to love all the amazing things that we encounter in our life.

6. Safe Haven

Safe Haven

An excellent story with an amazing suspense background to support it. The books talks about a young lady, new in the city, falling deeply in love with her man despite all attempts to maintain her coolness. And with her on the insecure side, her previous problems may come back to bother her again.

5. The Lucky One

The Lucky One

When an American marine incredibly saves his own life on the area after trying to pick up the picture of a woman hidden beneath the stones, he comes home to look for this god-sent person in that image who saved his life during that event. Discovering this woman, the hopeful marine build a strong relationship with the lady in the picture – a mom with her little child.

4. The Last Song

The Last Song

The Last Song presents the story of love between two young partners and their families – how separations destroy the very fundamentals of true feelings and belief in them and the recovery periods that replenish each and everyone, sometimes even more powerful than before that.

3. Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

The book speaks about the adventure of love and its destiny for the people. When woman who is jogging around comes across an ordinary bottle on the seaside, the story written in the bottle transforms her life permanently. In her desire to find the proprietor of the unusual correspondence, she herself discovers her soul mate in a strange incident.

2. Dear John

Dear John

A psychological roller coaster of a romantic novel with growing love and heartbreaks. An US soldier falls in love with a great girl and gets his life on the right track thanks to her. But his responsibility for the nation becomes popular after the 9/11 tragedy and the lengthy departure makes the girl to fall in love with the other man.

1. The Rescue

The Rescue

This book is another amazing story of true love written by Nicholas Sparks during his career. A single mother gets into a car incident and her child runs away from that place in fear to never to be found again. The fireman coming to the scene wants her find her missing son and the belief in love that was long lost before that.

The books described above are the most well-known, best sold and best ranked creations of Nicholas Sparks, with his other 8 books closely behind them.

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