Top 10 Strange Statues Around the World

Strange statues come in many shapes and size, but below we have compiled a short list of the most impressive sculptures found around the world, some of them being a few centuries old.

10. Denver’s Blucifer


Blucifer is scary, and it has created an even more intense feeling by its placing just outside Denver’s airport terminal. Blucifer is not the statue’s name; but one of the nicknames received over time from the not-so-happy residents of the city. Other suggestive labels from its numerous nicknames are Blue Stallion of Death or Satan’s Steed.

9. Quetzalcoatl from San Jose, CA

In 1992, artist John Graham had to make a sculpture which was going to be not just a main attraction for the tourists in the city, but also a piece of art that could symbolize the Hispanic heritage, intensely promoted by the authorities. This way, the strange head named Quetzalcoatl was born and eventually, even if the intentions were to make the art piece out of bronze, over time the whole project turned into the weird sculpture that is today.

8. Frogner Park Baby Fighter


The Frogner recreation area in Oslo is a wonderful park. It is loaded with numerous sculptures that catch the elegance of the human body in a way that has to be seen. Also, this sculpture seems to be of a naked man beating several children. This confusing statues actually represents four child-shaped “genii” fighting a man.

7. The Child-Eater Fountain – Bern, Switzerland


From there you can hardly see that the top represents a man eating furiously a bag of children. Probably why the specialists named it the “Child Eater,” in order to be sure that everyone understand what it is all about. Nobody seems to remember the actual tale – whatever huge event the sculpture was expected to be celebrating has been forgot over time.

6. Man and Skull – Prague


For some purpose or another, they realized that the best way to respect Kafka was by setting up a sculpture presenting a massive skull getting romantic with a subservient man at the sight of an important attraction for tourists (Daliborka Tower at Prague Castle).

5. Fountain of Virtues – Nuremberg


There is one place where even the most religious persons can take pictures of any building in the city, and this is Nuremberg, the German place where some of the first editions of the Bible were created and numerous really bad individuals were lastly taken to court. Also, what better attraction could be visited than the popular Fountain of Virtues?

4. Boll Weevil Monument – Enterprise, Alabama

Boll Weevil Monument

Enterprise is your regular, flourishing, courteous Southeast town that has obtained a reputation for its apparently rather unusual main sculpture. However, many do not really see why it so unique, though. For them is just a regular neoclassical sculpture of a young woman having above her head a strange object.

3. Point Pleasant’s Mothman


That is the weird Mothman, a legendary animal said to reside in the abandoned TNT location near the American town and submitted to his centuries-old curse, since the townspeople will gladly describe it to you. And, can be a better way to enjoy the town’s exclusive legend than this strange statue?

2. Awakening – California, USA.


A variety of famous pictures are found in California, D.C., one of the top cities in American, and not only. The Lincoln Memorial or Capitol Hill are known to even the most uninformed moviegoers. But, another attraction there is a far more suitable example to the dogfight state policies that are intense behind the politics and business doors.

1. Giant Eyeball – Chicago


The actual scary part of EYE is that you cannot get out of its sight – it is not completely aimed to look in just one direction. It is a moving attraction that is transferred from place to place all over the state. Next time, it could be a lot closer than you think and looking right into your soul.

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