Top 15 Best Star Wars Toys

No franchise would be complete without its set of merchandise, and Star Wars is no exception. The toys produced for the series were highly popular and recorded very high sales. From lightsabers to Darth Vader’s helmet and action figures, fans were more than happy to be able to re-enact their favorite scenes from the movies. With the release date of the new movie coming soon, older toys have been upgraded and newer ones have been produced. Here is the top 15 best Star Wars toys of all time.

1. Darth Vader

The Darth Vader action figure was quite popular.

One of the most known action figures is the one modeled after Darth Vader. Reaching four inches, it was first produced in 1978 by Kenner. Vader comes fully equipped with his signature lightsaber and cape.

2. Droid Factory

The top 15 best Star Wars toys includes the Droid Factory.

The Droid Factory was an unique set that featured a special and rare R2-D2 with three legs. It also had more than 30 droid parts which people could build and a crane.

3. Chewbacca

One of the most lovable characters from the series, Chewbacca is one of the top 15 best Star Wars toys of all time.

Definitely one of the most beloved characters from the series, Chewbacca is a must-have for fans. There have been many versions released, the latest ones also featuring his famous cry.

4. Boba Fett

Another popular toy was the Boba Fett action figure.

The Boba Fett figure was equipped with a firing rocket which on second thought could actually harm people. It gained popularity especially because it was released two years in advance of The Empire Strikes Back movie.

5. AT-AT Walker

This toy was perfect for doing battles.

One of the essential pieces for any collector, the AT-AT Walker was perfect for any battle re-enactment. You could fit a bunch of action figures in it, and it also featured light-up guns and poseable legs.

6. Speeder Bike

The speeder bike is one of the top 15 best Star Wars toys of all time.


Taken straight out of the Return of the Jedi movie, the speeder bike was a must-have for Star Wars fans. The best part was that if you pushed a certain button, it exploded into three parts.

7. Ewok Village

The Ewok village was later remodeled.

Fans also had the opportunity to own the village of the cute teddy-bear like creatures, the Ewoks. A little known fact is that the set was repainted later as a playset of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

8. Luke Skywalker

This was one of the weirder versions of the action figure.

This was a remastered version of Star Wars figures made in 1995 by Hasbro. Luke was also upgraded to this Arnold Schwarzenegger like version, along with the plunging neckline.

9. Darth Maul

This toy with its double blade lightsaber had a lot of success.

For the fans of the prequel movies, Darth Maul was an unique character. The figure was one of the first who could talk and came with its popular lightsaber with two blades.

10. Yoda Backpack

One of the top 15 best Star Wars toys is the Yoda backpack.

Backpacks modeled after different characters from movies have always been popular, and the Yoda backpack was one of them. It was most likely that adults were also quite happy to use their children in order to get their hands on one of these without seeming childish.

11. The Jedi Starfighter of Obi-Wan

Any collection would be incomplete without the Jedi Starfighter.

The Jedi Starfighter was a nice combination of the greatest ships from the Star Wars franchise. The toy was greatly appreciated since there are very few figures of vehicles from the prequel movies.

12. Darth Vader’s Helmet

This is the most popular item in the top 15 best Star Wars toys.

Truly one of the most popular toys from the trilogy was the Darth Vader helmet. Fans were delighted to be able to say quotes from the villain with the mask that changed their voice into the one of the character, or simply mimic his famous heavy breathing.

13. Lightsabers

The top 15 best Star Wars toys of all time includes the lightsabers.

Probably the only toy more popular than the helmet is the lightsaber. The futuristic swords featured sound effects triggered by motion and a glowing blade, perfect for battling your friends.

14. BB-8

One of the newer toys from the series is the BB-8.

One of the most recent toys from the franchise is the BB-8, released just in time for The Force Awakens movie. It can be controlled from the phone and can record hologram messages, being a truly modern electronic device that keeps up with the technology of today.

15. Millennium Falcon from LEGO

LEGO also created a bunch of toys for the Star Wars franchise.

Among the many Star Wars sets from LEGO, the Millennium Falcon was very popular. The version released in 2015 has a bunch of interactive features, as well as a streamlined design and Han Solo in his “silver fox” version.

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