Top 15 Must See Films of 2015

We list below the top 15 must see films of 2015, the most expected movies arriving this year, as well as those already launched and that have had their share of glory and immense revenues in the US and all around the world!

It is 2015 and the Oscar fever is long gone! Birdman and Boyhood were amazing, and we can discuss them all day. But viewers are getting ready for the summertime movie season, which begins earlier every year. So, it is an ideal period to list down the must see movies of 2015 (and a few discounts to the non-blockbuster ones).

So without further ado, here are our 15 Must See Films of 2015.

1. Kingsman: The Secret Service (Feb 13, 2015)

Kingsman The Secret Service must see films of 2015

Do not let either its Feb launch or poor movie trailer deceive you, Kingsman: The Secret Service has a lot going for it due to the skills both at the front of or behind the camera. From the director of Layer Cake, Matthew Vaughn, and a long time scripting co-writer Jane Goldman, arrives the next venture from a cooperation that contains Kick-Ass, Stardust and X-Men: First Class. It is even depending on another comic book base, now from the endless “big idea” author that is Mark Millar.

Nevertheless, there is more to Kingsman than the behind-the-scenes skills: at the front side of the filming camera, fans will see Colin Firth in a part he always seemed like an ideal fit for, an English undercover agent known as Harry Hart. While being unencumbered by series limitations, this movie is about some group of old guys that also has Michael Caine in it, an “M” style part and Samuel L. Jackson as the bad guy.

The movie has too much prospective to not be watched from start to finish and see if there is another invisible character to appear from nowhere, like this innovative team’s last two comic films.

2. It Follows (Mar 13, 2015)

It Follows

We all have that same dream: something other that is not an individual or something known – an It – follows you. And for Robert David Mitchell’s second launch, It Follows, we already know exactly what this something is: the best horror movie in decades.

It Follows is a wonderful throwback to the concept and primordial young fear of David Carpenter’s best 70’s and ’80s movies, as well as an incredibly unique nightmarescape in his own right. When a girl named Jay (played by Maika Monroe) has a partner she should have avoided in the first place, she is harshly penalized with a intimately passed on curse: It will follow the girl wherever she goes until the thing has her under total power, and It will then eat her entirely. This is a terrifying idea followed completely in this distressing must-see film.

3. Furious 7 (Apr 3, 2015)


Since last year, Fast and Furious 7 was one of the most expected movies of 2014 until the terrible accident of Paul Walker. Vin Diesel now might be the franchise’s US muscle car symbol, but Walker was the motor that operated it through its biggest levels (mainly Fast Five). Today, Fast and Furious 7 appears as an honor to the significantly missed superstar, and one last glory for the whole unchanged group.

Plus, movie director James Wan (The Conjuring, Insidious) has taken over this franchise’s control for his first vacation outside of his horror category in nearly ten years. It is nice to see someone with so many skills, at least in an unapologetic pulp, go outside the comfort zone. Toss in a real launch of Jason Statham as a large, mean heavy – and hopefully the first great one in seven movies – and we are all screaming “shotgun” when we see his ride.

4. Ex Machina (Apr 10, 2015)

Ex Machina

Science stories writers have often imagined about the idea of artificial intelligence. In what is likely the best Sci-Fi movie of the year, writer and director Alex Garland gladly worries about AI. It is not that he does not have an apocalyptic perspective of sentient automatic beings; he just prefers them better than all of humans.

Thus, get into Ex Machina’s atmosphere: a completely dangerous con activity that gets under your skin as the audience does not know if the people in it are going through a rough analyze or if the viewers are. Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) is immediately welcomed to the national residence of a CEO (Oscar Isaac) to analyze the AI of a robot known as Ava (Alicia Vikander). He quickly finds out that he could be the real guinea pig in this silently hypnotic journey into insanity.

5. Clouds of Sils Maria (Apr 10, 2015)

Clouds of Sils Maria

Conceivably placing itself as a present day All About Eve, the Clouds of Sils Maria seems to be a fanged and very-aware deconstruction of the part of womanliness and sex during these days.

Starring three generations of females in the city of dreams – Kristen Stewart, Juliette Binoche and Chloe Moretz – Clouds is primarily about Binoche’s Maria Enders, a popular actress who is requested to perform the role which made her popular a couple of decades ago when she played an attractive little lady who forced her manager to suicide.

Except now, she is requested to play the manager who commits suicide, and simpering younger Jo-Ann Ellis (Chloe Moretz) is a young girl. Maria believes that, if she goes to the Europe city of Sils Maria, she will be able to take the indignation. Little she knows that her associate (Stewart) has more in her purse than meets the eye. The irony of this assumption alone burns to the core.

6. Avengers: Age of Ultron (May 1, 2015)

Avengers Age of Ultron

Surely intended to be the biggest film of 2015, Avengers: Age of Ultron starts the summer film season of 2015 with an image that a lot of action lovers have been wishing for since May 2012. With Joss Whedon at its helm, the movie might actually be up to its hype! Choosing the tail end of the combined scenario that was “Phase Two” (which stored its top two stories for last), Avengers: Age of Ultron investigates what this super team does when it gets a little too satisfied during the post-SHIELD period.

In a story development that can do Sam Raimi extremely pleased, the characters are not sure what they want to do for a full-time job, so they make an A.I to eradicate the crime for them: we are talking here about Ultron (played by James Spader).

When Ultron chooses to take over the globe and destroy us all with goodness in a story that Whedon guarantees that it is a “little” apocalyptic, the characters are all examined through powerful tests.

7. Mad Max: Fury Road (May 15, 2015)

Mad Max Road Fury

It has been a lengthy and intense road to another film featuring Max Rockatansky reaching the big screen. Even the real superstar has been modified from the questionable Mel Gibson to the more box office successful Tom Hardy, who has the advantage of a showbiz industry peak, almost as big as an already amazing variety of skills. But most of these mean that Mad Max: Fury Road simply looks awesome.

If you have seen its Comic-Con movie trailer, then you know that it quickly created the biggest splash of all movie sections in San Diego in 2015. George Miller is back to his Outback perspective that a thousand movies have tried to copy; yet once again, he shows that no one can look for elegance in a dry, lonely road in a movie like he can. Describing this film as a two-hour chase sequence, Miller’s come back to old school camera field will certainly be getting the action enthusiasts in complete pursuit of the scenario.

8. Tomorrowland (May 22, 2015)


All the tricks of Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland, which was initially planned for a 2014 launch, are still hardly known. However, this is an unavoidable must-see occasion. The movie director of Ratatouille, The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol is coming back to the big screen with a movie that he co-wrote with Lost’s Damon Lindelof. In a sci-fi experience that changes time and space, George Clooney and Britt Robertson go to another level of existence known basically as “Tomorrowland.” It is here that their activities can have an effect on the world around them, a reality which also seems to have Kathryn Hahn, Hugh Laurie and Judy Greer. Surrounded in secrets, Tomorrowland calls to have its mysteries fined out.

9. Entourage (Jun 3, 2015)


The guys are lastly coming back in the lengthy big screen version of Entourage, and we can say that is great to see them again. Oh sure, it is also awesome to see a movie with E, Turtle, Vinnie Chase and Johnny Drama. But if we are being truly sincere, it could just be an Ari Film. Regardless of what, however, an Entourage movie is welcomed since it must repair that awful last year. And with Entourage writer Doug Ellis guiding and co-writing the movie, he will know that this is the best multi-media crossover chance since Sex and the City got its own film. Let us just watch how E and Sloan are going gladly together.

10. Jurassic World (Jun 12, 2015)

Jurassic World

Reboots are generally a challenging business. Basically trying to rebuild the excitement of a confirmed traditional movie with few of those unique components, it has to entice old fans while getting new ones. Increase that task by a million when trying to restore the magnificence and interest of Steven Spielberg’s last dinosaurs film, Jurassic Park in 1993. But there is still a purpose to be positive beyond Spielberg putting his name as the executive producer of the movie. To begin with, Colin Trevorrow, the hugely acclaimed director of Safety: Not Guaranteed, is leading the production. Secondly, the action occurs on an Isla Nublar (the isle from the first film) that has become an effective theme park.

Providing the opportunity for dinosaurs to split the visitors like a mad Mickey Mouse robot represents the fascination of the audience into filming concept parks with monsters everywhere. Jurassic World also features a younger cast, such as Jake Johnson, Bryce Dallas Howard or Chris Pratt in post-Guardians of the Galaxy celebrity shine. Like a T-Rex in the visitor’s centers, you are just going to have to chew the scenes.

11. Inside Out (Jun 19, 2015)

Inside Out

It seems so agonizing to confess the truth: the nearest Pixar film is almost a year away. With the wait for The Good Dinosaur getting it out of the 2014 line-up, now we have remained with a two-year hole between last year’s Monsters University and now Inside Out. Nevertheless, for those worrying that Pixar is missing its aspirations, Inside Out’s assumption alone guarantees the most successful Hollywood-produced cartoon attempt in many years.

Lead by one of Pixar’s unique minds when it comes to animation, Peter Docter (Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc., Up, Wall-E), it has a great story which has been scripted by Michael Arndt (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Toy Story 3). Inside Out gets big by coming into the tiniest, most complicated place imaginable: the mind of a little girl.

When Riley is compelled to go from Minnesota to San Francisco, a mix of new feelings steams to the surface of her thoughts, affecting every activity in real life. These consist of the feelings of Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), Joy (Amy Poehler) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith). A story that basically will take place inside of a child’s thoughts, the next Pixar venture is ambitiously designed to describe from a new viewpoint why people’s feelings act in the way that they do.


12. Terminator: Genisys (Jul 1, 2015)

Terminator Genisys

Terminator: Genysis, besides bringing to the spell-check experts the most severe headaches, could be the first Terminator since 1991 that is worth watching. To begin with, the reboot/quasi-sequel has a cast very smartly chosen, from Jerr Clarke in the role of John Connor, the Messiah of all humankind, to Jai Courtney playing the new Kyle Reese. But most fascinating is Matt Smith in a secret part that has yet to be exposed, though we think it will be chillingly cool in an artificial kind of way.

And to help lead the casting is Alan Taylor who has proven his skills in previous times for managing well huge projects, whether it was the HBO’s Game of Thrones, Rome or Boardwalk Empire. His first movie returning to the basics, Thor: The Dark World, could stop the filming for Terminator, but the cast is an ideal proof that this film could be close to his previous work.


13. Ant-Man (Jul 17, 2015)


One of the most expected summer time films of this year is also already causing the greatest frustrations. Because no matter how you put it, the point that we are not seeing Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man represents an everlasting pity given the dork author’s completely exclusive design, in addition to several years of film build-up. Still, the Marvel Studios’ movies for next season cannot be considered as a blockbusters and fascination for the public.

Peyton Reed has created amazingly and wonderful movies before (Down with Love, Bring It On), and it will definitely be a big shock if this becomes a great achievement. Also, with a cast that has Michael Douglas, David Rudd and Corey Stoll, this image still has enough skills on board to let its fans keep live their fire of wish. Marvel Studios just created a film about a walking tree and a talking raccoon, the greatest hit of the summer.

14. Mission: Impossible 5 (Jul 31, 2015)

Mission Impossible 5

The durability of the Mission: Impossible brand is that each sequel is a new beginning. Whether this present venture is a fail or success, the next movie is a chance to begin from the zero. While that was an advantage after smaller initiatives like John Woo’s Mission: Impossible 2 (2000) or J.J. Abrams’ Mission: Impossible 3 (2006), it is a pity after Brad Bird’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Nevertheless, just as Bird re-wrapped this sequence into a Xmas Day occasion in 2011, there is enough left for Christopher McQuarrie to create his own signature on the IMF film in his second attempt with Tom Cruise after his Jack Reacher. This way of testing in a period where scripts in all other sequences are required to sustain constancy for what it was before make the new Mission: Impossible absolutely bold in its big display of never-ending action.

15. Black Mass (Sep 18, 2015)

Black Mass

Whitey Bulger is among the most discussed mobster of the last years. The Boston criminal boss that became a rat for FBI – until these feds tried to get rid of their rodent – has represented an inspiration for big figures from The Departed to The Town. Bulger also was the topic of a not-so-fantastical film in 2015, Whitey vs. the United States of America

Now, the show biz industry wants to come back to this diseased well from the center of Dorchester and a Southie, and we are expecting it is the role that Johnny Depp for his career, because the assumption sounds too good for the film to be avoided. With Depp being a very convincing Bulger from mobster to fugitive, it is a luscious aspect that should get him back in the spotlight, as he was in Pirates of the Caribbean.

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