Top 5 Coffee Brands All the Experts Adore

Starbucks or Lavazza? Nescafe or Don Pablo? Which do you consider to be the best coffee in the world? And, most importantly, do you drink coffee to enjoy an unforgetable taste, texture and flavor experience, or you’d drink just about anything just to get up early every morning? When it comes to ranking the best coffee brands in the world, the choice is very hard to make. Coffee experts, ust like wine ones, don’t select the brews on bestselling rankings alone. In order to properly evaluate a brand of coffee, experts factor in the beans’ origin, the tree variety, the processing methods, the value factor of the coffee, the costs and, of course, the taste – among others. Today we will take a look at the top 5 coffee brands all the experts adore. Be warned, you may have not heard of any of them, as they are not your regular store-bought packs blends and brews!

1. Kenya Guama Peaberry by Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Deemed “lively and intense”, this coffee scored 97 points out of 100 at the end of 2016, making it the best coffee in the world in the eyes (and taste buds) of coffee experts. This particular brand of medium roasted single-origin coffee comes with finishing touches of cranberry, coconut oil, and grapefruit blossom flavors. Add the sustainability factor and the unforgetable taste and you will soon understand why this unusual Kenyan coffee made it to the number one spot on the top 5 coffee brands adored by experts.

2. Deri Kochoha Espresso by JBC Coffee Roasters

While the location of the company is in Wisconsin, U.S.A, the origin of the coffee is in Sudamo, southern Ethiopia. Evaluated as an expresso, this coffee is a dreamy experience for all coffee lovers out there looking for emotion and satisfaction in just one small cup. Imagine a flavor mix combining jasmine, tamarind, saffron and bittersweet orange blossom, all enveloped in a dark chocolate finish to warm up your palate and your soul.

3. Laura’s Reserve SL-28 by Hula Daddy

This coffee is produced in its entirety from the exquisite SL-28 variety of Arabica growing in the Mount Hualalai volcano region of the Big Island Hawaii. Sweet, lush and savory, this coffee comes together with a blend of fruity and floral notes in a mix of black currant, hops, coriander, and kola undertones for the coffee experience of a lifetime. Keep in mind that this is a limited edition coffee brand sold only on the Hula Daddy website. A dream came true, this coffee is recommended to coinesseurs and people looking for art in a cup of coffee rather than a blood pressure boost.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Reko by Temple Coffee and Tea

If you ever visit Sacramento, California, go to Temple Coffee and Tea and ask for a cup of Yirgacheffe Reko to get lost in a dream of scent, flavor and richness. Silky in texture and sweet in finish (with spicy undertones offered by the lychee and pink peppercorn flavors), this coffee is so delicate, it was labeled as “lyrical”. A veritable poem in a cup, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Reko is produced in southern Ethiopia by villagers in organic small farms in garden plots interplanted with other substinence crops, flowers and vegetables. You will probably fall in love with its distinctive flower and citrus notes and the unmistakable texture of Ethiopian Arabica varieties, just like all experts did, or you will be forever seduced by the candied ginseng and intriguing coconut notes that turn your coffee drinking experience into an exotic vacation.

5. Brazil Fazenda Passeio Natural by Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea

You may be surprised to see that this coffee brands top doesn’t include some of best coffee brands in Europe, but we have to admit that there are few things more pleasurable in this world than high-end Brazilian coffee. Fazenda Passeio Natural is made of Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo and Acaia varieties of Arabica and Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea is a distinguished roaster famous for its excellent choices of single-origin delights. This coffee has a very sweet and layered complexity, with a creamy rich texture and flowery and fruity notes combining papaya, gardenia, chocolate, musk, and almond finishing. A vertitable nectar of all coffees, a cup of Brazil Fazenda Passeio is a bucket-list item if you ever visit Branford, Connecticut.

These are the most appraised coffee brands selected by experts. Have you ever tried one of these? Do you favor other more commercially famous brands?

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