Top 5 Fast Food Restaurant Pranks

Fast food is such a normal part of our lives that we take it for granted. Right now you are probably eating your third meal of fast food this week and you probably have more fossilized french fries under your front seat than you have pictures of your kids.

But some people look at fast food and see room for humor, which is amazing considering you can see through the fat people in the drive-thru. In honor of our greatest pranksters, I give you the Top Five Fast Food Pranks.

#5. Chariots of Fire Sauce

Sometimes you just gotta have the taste of a the flaming hot Tex-Mex food and sometimes you just don’t have the cash to do so. So what do you do? Take it!

This gets some points for presentation. The slow-motion and theme song from Chariots of Fire makes a simple snatch and grab into a man’s epic quest for fast food. We’d like to see a follow up with an epic run to the bathroom when the taco trots happen.

One thing lacking is a true sense of conflict. Were someone to dress as Ronald McDonald through the Burger King parking lot or as the creepy Burger King snatching Happy Meals this entry would be higher on the list.

#4 Incoming Pizza Prank

Customer service is an important part of any business. However, if you are constantly getting phone calls because your number is one digit different from the local Papa John’s pizzeria, customer service is ripe for abuse. Jack Stratiff is a man who was plagued by such calls and took action

A woman called when her pizza took over 50 minutes. This particular call gets a two-fold: A rude employee and a sexually harassing manager, with some epic Midi Beethoven hold music.

#3 Employee Turns the Tables

The original prank itself is rather dull. It’s some guy making a hot dog/penis joke at the Sonic drive-in. But what moves it up on the list is the female employee’s response. When he says he doesn’t want the hot dog that he was going to shove up his ass and instead orders a cheeseburger, the employee doesn’t miss a beat and asks if he wants a hot dog “For later”, catching the guy off-guard.

#2 Drive-Thru Socrates

Trey Moe is a college comedian with a web comedy show. In one of his videos he drives around questioning the drive-thru employees about Geometry (can on get a half doughnut?), Truth (regarding the sizing of burgers on the order menu), Identity (Are you trying to be Starbucks?) and Religion (Why is Chik-fil-a closed on Sundays).

Trey Moe, as a drive-by philosopher, is turning the ultimate symbol of our nations fast, easy and unexamined culture and making us rethink our relationship with it. With luck some of those employees will start thinking and find themselves more fulfilling jobs than fast food.

#1 Delivery to the Furry Convention

Fast food delivery is a boring job where the only excitement usually comes in the form of a robbery. This time a Chinese delivery man gets excitement by being pranked by three naked men in furry costumes. Maybe this shocked him into realizing he needs to do more with his life. Or maybe he went back to China believing oppressive communism wasn’t so bad after all.

Fair warning, do not try this with a Japanese food delivery person. Not only will it not faze the average Japanese person, but rumor has it when these guys tried the same prank, a horrible response involving tentacles happened.


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