Top 5 Things To Do At Work

Bored at workIn true Thursday procrastination (not yet T.G.I.F) fashion, we have a list of five things you can do at work without actually working.  Most of these require open internet access, so if you happen to be on a restricted work site, you are outta luck.

1.  Facebook.

Seriously, it’s a massive time suck.  But can be really entertaining.  Especially if you like to instigate others and watch the drama unfold.  In that case, be sure to post relationship advice, random old photos of friends, political commentary, or something offensive to atleast one group of people, once every 24 hours.  To make it look like you are actually doing work, use this plug in:


Great content that changes quickly on every topic.  As clean/dirty/smart/dumb/general/specific as you want, and on every topic imaginable.  This feature allows your reddit feed to look like MS Outlook.


Flash games to play on your computer. doesn’t look anything like work, but it’s hours of fun on pretty much any vehicular topic.  Mute your computer, as it definitely doesn’t sound like work!  Parking games, batman games, monster truck games and more.

4.  Read all of the past archives of

Including our perfect for “back to school post”, Bully Beatdown, and one about Sex and the City quotes that never gets old.

5. Read and try to beat, the “Best of Craigslist” quotes as voted by users.

Why? The same reason you watch Jersey Shore or Bachelor Pad. It makes you feel so much better about yourself.


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