Top 5 of the World’s Deadliest Sharks

Sharks are some of the most dangerous creatures in the world. One would better think twice before diving in the waters where these deadly predators dwell. Sharks are perfect killing machines: they’re big, they’re fast, they’re super intelligent and they have several rows of razor-sharp teeth. There are about 400 species of sharks living in the oceans of the world and not all of them are “man-eating”. But there are some sharks that are, according to statistics, a real threat to humans. Let’s take a look at the world’s deadliest sharks and learn which ones are the most dangerous to us.

1. The Great White Shark

great white shark deadliest shark

You might recognize this big guy from the 1970s movie that terrified us all, Jaws. That movie didn’t put this shark species in a very good light, but it couldn’t have had. This is one of the world’s deadliest sharks and it’s known to kill without a second thought. The Great White shark can reach 6 meters in length and can weigh as much as 3 tons. They have rows of triangular teeth that are 3 inches long and serrated on all sides for a deadly effect. These sharks tear their prey by shaking their head from side to side and they can reach a speed of up to 56 km per hour. They mostly live around the shores of Australia, South Africa, California, the Mediterranean and Japan. The Great White shark is without a doubt the most dangerous shark species, with more than 400 human attacks, of which many have been lethal.

2. The Bull Shark

bull shark swimming

Another one of the world’s deadliest sharks is the Bull shark. This one’s no little fishy either. It can measure up to 3.5 m and weigh more than 300kg. You might wonder why this big fish is called a “bull” shark. They get their name from their flat “nose” and stocky build. They also have a short temper and can get extremely aggressive in the blink of an eye. Just like the Great White, the Bull shark has several rows of triangular, sharp teeth. The Bull shark is very territorial and it will attack any other species that will invade his privacy. Unlike other shark species, the Bull shark can tolerate fresh waters which make the human encounters more often than with other sharks. They can live in both rivers and lakes, something that many sharks cannot do. Statistically, the Bulls shark is responsible for 104 human attacks, with more than a third fatal ones.

3. The Tiger Shark

tiger shark

Any animal that has “tiger” in its name is not something you would like to cuddle with. The Tiger shark is no exception. This is one of the deadliest sharks in the world, famous for its aggressiveness and for the fact that it swallows anything that comes in its way: tires, bottles, clothes, pigs, cats, etc. Their common prey are dolphins, turtles, seals and birds.

4. Oceanic White Tip Shark

Oceanic White Tip Shark

This deadly shark has killed more people than any other shark species in world. They are classified as “man-eaters” and some say that these sharks are responsible for hundreds of human deaths when ships sunk in the World War II. Although they are slow moving, the white tip shark is very aggressive and also very persistent.

5. The Shortfin Mako

Shortfin Mako

One of the deadliest sharks known to attack humans is the shortfin mako shark. It comes from the same family as the great white and the prehistoric megalodon. The shortfin mako can measure up to 3 m and weigh nearly a ton. This shark is responsible for at least three known human deaths.



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