Top 6 Disney Sexual Innuendos Out of Nowhere

Disney sexual innuendos have filled, for many years, the online environment with effective speculation about the obviously subliminal messages of the world’s most popular cartoons producer. These speculations would have it that Walt Disney inserted into his famous movies perverted images, booming with invisible people who have the only purpose to conceal the unsuitable, sex-related facts in those cartoons. And, if you take plenty of time to look closely at his films, there is some proof that those things might be real after all.

These speculations would have it that Walt Disney inserted into his famous movies perverted images, booming with invisible people who have the only purpose to conceal the unsuitable, sex-related facts in those cartoons. And, if you take plenty of time to look closely at his films, there is some proof that those things might be real after all.

6. Baby Herman’s Inappropriate Finger

baby herman nanny

Given the knowingly mature content of Roger Rabbit, and the intense impact of that material mixed with the typically “childish” humor, it is not completely surprising to find that the movie might have had some nasty scenes in it.

Rumor has it the products with the full film on them have been quickly drawn off the racks when the company’s officials noticed the short subtle jokes and mature stuff that Spielberg obviously inserted there and these would not have been noticeable on VHS, but they could be found with far less effort thanks to the developments of technological innovation.

Those sources – as Donald Duck’s claimed use of racist terms against Daffy Duck – are little in contrast to this Baby Herman gossip, which indicates that the foul-mouthed small wretch has a little mature action when he invades the dress of the “nanny.” Strolling under the dress, Herman can be seen with only one finger in the air, before looking thrilled by all that.

5. Esmeralda’s Sensual Body


In some ways, Hunchback of Notre Dame offered the conspirators some ammo for their shoots on a plate, by presenting a spiritual serious personality involved in a grasping individual fight over his attraction for a younger gypsy woman. It might not be the significant point of the tale, but it is the movie’s large scenario and the framing of the bad character Frollo, who is also in love with her.

Ignoring for a moment the tremendous, and needlessly outlined chest, the picture actually also indicates that Frollo’s fantasy of Esmeralda is that she is actually nude, judging by her overall look. For most of the time, she seems to be very obviously in outfits, but for a single particular time, the wardrobe seems to disappear, and you can now see a little too many details around her inner upper leg that would not be noticeable were she dressed.

This was not initially when the movie fetishes Esmeralda’s nicely shaped body: her first overall look reveals her doing a pretty smutty dancing, such as an unplanned pole dancing, and an lingerie display for Frollo. For some parts of the dancing, Esmeralda’s clothes become suspiciously very tight, switching what once were middle age materials into lycra, displaying off her shapes so much, you can see her ass.

4. Aladdin: “Take Off the Clothes”


One of the more popular Disney stars, and one of the most daring, this one targeted the scenes where Aladdin – dressed as the royal prince – climbs onto the terrace to visit Princess Jasmin, and to persuade her into thinking that he is not one of the conventional and empty-headed pretenders she is used to.

When he comes, the tiger Rajah wants to defend the princess by becoming aggressive and menacing towards the visitor, who instantly tries to sent him away with the turban, and for hidden purposes known only by inquisitive conspirators or by scenarists, he whispers something that appears to be suspiciously sounding like “good, now take off the clothes.”

At least it did sound that way if you are looking for him to say it, because to our regular ears, it just appears to be a bit complicated – but that is what the speculation said.

They used it to indicate that Disney was motivating the world’s youngsters to have promiscuous sex, even if the exact purpose of that manifest would continue to be seen. Maybe promiscuous sex really makes people to want to have their own Disney products?

3. Speech Impediment Turned into Curses


Speech impediments are noting to laugh. We go back to 1930s, and the short cartoon The Clock Cleaners. It was a mature time, an easier time, when no one wondered where Donald’s pants are. The allegations of shady Disney behavior were kept under the rug thanks to the media’s lack of attention and higher career demands among young people who had less free time available.

The short animation presented Donald Duck battling with a massive spring, which enraged him so much that through mimicry he obviously loses his temper for a few seconds temporarily and yells “the F word” at the annoying spring.

2. The Lion King’s Buttocks Nose


According to the eagle-eyed perverts that strike again, the main poster for the re-release in 2002 of The Lion King privately presented the picture of an almost nude lady bending right there and mooning us all. That is if you look very closely and squint, while neglecting what an actual lion’s real face looks like. To be completely sincere, one must admit that this one is really humorous, but it is extremely challenging to get rid of this picture once it gets into your head.

Unfortunately for Disney’s animators, the lion’s appearance simply looks like a naked woman in her lingerie looking the other way. This is the only description for the funny images, especially since the representation of Simba was created for both the initial poster and this re-release, at the same time but in different overall styles.

1. “Sex” All Over the Place


If the World Wide Web rumormongers are to be considered, Disney artists regularly cover up the word “sex” in the movies in the least apparent locations as some kind of puerile game of hide and seek, and while you have to search in the most difficult places to discover them, in reality they are there for anyone to see it.

The most apparent example is, of course, The Lion king, where appears a dust cloud that seem very dubious, but there are tons of other illustrations, though many of them are probably just proofs of the Rorschach effect.

Disney has actually negated the Lion King sexual innuendo in two occasions, first a Disney spokesperson, John Rhoades, declared that this was only a “perception thing”.

“They are seeing there a thing which in reality does not exist. It is just absurd to think that we would place it in a film containing nothing less than a healthy picture.”

Then one of Disney’s animators for that movie, Tom Sito, verified if there actually was written a word on the cloud, but we were all perceiving it incorrectly. He stated that the characters actually say “S.F.X”, and it was designed to be an Easter egg trademark from the animation division, and that the debate that followed it was absolutely accidental.

Because of course, there is no way that a number of computer artists could ever believe that anyone can probably misconstrue their lively, market in-reference for a sexy term, regardless of the main point that E and F resemble quite a lot, especially when you knowingly cover them in dirt.

The others ones are just individuals investing too lots of their time and energy looking for the phrase SEX in unique places. This is exactly what the company would like us all to believe.

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