Top 6 Royal Weddings That Ended In Divorce – The Twist In Real Life Fairy Tale Weddings

Everyone has been bitten by “The Royal Wedding bug” and part of the charm it seems is royal weddings are the stuff fairy tales are made of. However, not all royal weddings play out the way we imagine them. Some actually come across a tragic twist and in in divorce.

Lets look at a few of these famous royal weddings that ended in divorce.

Prince Charles of England & Princess Diana would live happily ever after….but then came Camilla Parker Bowles

The wedding of Prince Charles the first in line to the throne of England and Lady Diana Spencer was watched globally by over 750 million people in 1981. It was heralded the world over as a fairytale wedding…the kind of stuff dreams are made of. Westminster Abbey, the procession, the trailing gown and a coy beautiful princess…it was the perfect fairytale wedding. They had two sons together, William and Harry, the first of which would be heir to the throne second in line after his father. Everything was picture perfect….

….but then ….came Camilla Parker Bowles. The third element in the perfect picture. Camilla was Prince Charles first true love but the Queen was not to have her marry the next King of England. Long story short…Prince Charles never gave up on her and Camilla played mistress till the marriage was on the rocks and ended in divorce and then Tragedy. Camilla is now married to Prince Charles and sports the title “the Duchess of Cornwall”.

King Henry VIII and Queen Katherine (Queen of hearts) would live happily ever after …but then came Anne Boleyn

King Henry the 8th was among the most notorious royals ever to have lived and ruled one of the most turbulent reigns in England’s history. Famous for his 6 wives (some of who were executed on his order) we could actually feature him in this post for a number of cases as mistresses’, infatuation with women and a weakness for falling in love (and falling out) with them was…well…his thing! However it was his first wife Queen Katherine of Aragon who was absolutely adored by the people. Of all his wives, this is the one people considered a fairly tale wedding in it’s day with a grand coronation ceremony back in 1509. Despite having issues with not being able to provide a male heir to her king, all was well….

….but then along came Anne Boleyn. Anne was one among the flamboyant Kings mistresses but her intellect and backed by her families ambitions had Henry’s attention. It was a matter of time before she manipulated the King into divorcing Katherine on the grounds that his marriage to her was cursed never to have a male son since she was his brothers wife first. The end of their marriage was a tragedy but perhaps not as big a tragedy as Anne’s own execution which followed.

Princess Alexandra of Denmark Prince Joachim would live happily ever after….but then the Prince couldn’t part with his partying ways

Denmark’s Prince Joachim met his Princess Alexandra in Hong Kong while working there for a Danish shipping company. The romance blossomed quickly and the prince got down on one knee proposing to his love who accepted and became Princess Alexandra of Denmark in a royal wedding. They had two sons together Princes Nikolai and Felix. She was well loved by the people and it was a perfect fairytale romance….

….but then the Prince couldn’t give up his partying and the company of other women which is supposedly the reason things went downhill and ultimately ended in divorce in 2004. The princess was stripped off her title and settled for Countess of Frederiksbor. She remarried in 2007 and still lives in Denmark.

Princess Caroline of Monaco and Prince Ernst August of Hanover would have finally been a royal love story….but then came some woman in Phuket

Princess Caroline of Monaco, daughter of Prince Ranier III of Monaco and his American star and iconic beauty Grace Kelly hasn’t had the best fortunes with marriage. Her first marriage to a banker in 1978 lasted only till 1980 when they were divorced. The second marriage to an Italian sportsman in 1983 provided her with three children but tragically ended when he died in a speed boating accident in 1990. Her third marriage to Prince Ernst who was royalty in his own right was a royal affair by every means. It was even consented by Queen Elizabeth II of England and had all the makings of a royal wedding. …

….but then the Prince was caught by the press kissing some woman at a beach in Phuket while rubbing sun tan lotion on her . It was clearly not was clearly not princess Caroline. They separated and the word is their marriage has been on the path to divorce since 2009.

Sweden’s Princess Madeleine would have wed Jonas Bergstromand lived happily ever after….but then came Tora Uppstrom Berg a hot university student

Princess Madeline of Sweden’s fairytale of love started with 8 years of romance with Jonas Bergstromand a lawyer. After 8 years they finally decided to get married and everyone was excited about the prospect of a royal wedding. The entire country was already prepared for her elder sister the Crown Princesses wedding and the announcement of Princess Madeline’s marriage plans made the mood even more festive….

….but then Jonas had a fling with a 21 year old student at a ski resort just before the wedding which set the tabloids ablaze and finally resulted in Princess Madeline’s calling off the wedding.

Prince Andrew & Duchess Sarah Ferguson would have lived happily ever after ….but then came John Bryan and started sucking Fergie’s toes

Yes the English royal family has had more than it’s share of scandals and we couldn’t resist coming back to them. 1986 was the year of another royal wedding the world was talking about and this time is was Prince Andrew Duke of York. Just like his brothers wedding, there were souvenirs, cups and plates with the new royal couple on them and with the wedding, Sarah Ferguson became the Duchess of York. They had two girls together and Sarah was seen as the fun loving Duchess…

….but then her fun loving ways linked her to many men including John Bryan a financial manager who was photographed with a topless Princess Fergie rubbing suntan lotion and sucking each others toes. Needless to say, that was enough for the royal family and they divorced in 1996.

Sometimes royal weddings play out like fairy tales. Other times they play out like fairy tales with a twist and end like you never expect them too.


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