Top 8 Jessica Jones Scenes

Spoiler alert! Do not continue reading if you haven’t seen the season finale of Jessica Jones or if you plan to do so. You have been warned.

The Jessica Jones TV series, which is currently streaming on Netflix, has received a lot of praise, being compared to Daredevil. We have come up with a list of the best Jessica Jones scenes from the first season. Take a look.

1. Leads to the Next Season

The season finale saw Jessica Jones defeating Kilgrave, who was starting to turn quite purple before she was done with him. After doing her job, Jessica returns home, only to find her inbox full of numerous voicemails. Even though there are many other loose ends the show needs to address, the start of the Alias Investigations surely points her into the direction of doing more heroic deeds from now on. It is also the best way to end the season and make fans speculate as to what will come next.

2. That Action Scene

The battle between the two ranks as one of the best Jessica Jones scenes.

While Jessica Jones stands as a compelling series, it wouldn’t be complete with some fighting scenes. The moment fans have been waiting for came when Luke Cage was controlled by Kilgrave and turned against Jessica, his old flame. The battle that ensued was truly spectacular, as the two completely devastated the decor. This can also be considered a preview of the new series which will premiere next year on Netflix, revolving around the character of Luke Cage.

3. Hellcat’s Action Scenes

Despite wearing no superhero costume or giving any hints that she may turn into Hellcat soon, Trish Walker did throw a good show. First of all, she had a big part to play in the mission to kill Kilgrave. Secondly, Trish had amazing action scene when she took down Will Simpson (Nuke).

As the season finale showed her starting another investigation, we can only hope that she, among with other characters, will put on her mask and her costume and fight crime in style. That remains to be seen in the next season though.

4. The Night Nurse

The cameo by the Night Nurse is definitely among the best Jessica Jones scenes.

Even though fans were disappointed by the fact that Daredevil didn’t appear, the show gave them a treat in the cameo of Claire Temple. Her role in this story was to provide medical assistance for Luke Cage. The two seemed to feel connected in some way or another, which will be interesting to follow since Claire Temple is also set up to appear in the Luke Cage TV series. The character also did explain her motives for helping Luke and Jessica in the series finale.

5. The Confrontation at the Police Station

Even though we meet Kilgrave early on through a series of flashbacks and disturbing scenes, Jessica only meets with him at a police station. After we find out the history between the two, we could only look forward to the first confrontation between the characters. However, in this scene Kilgrave commanded the police officers to point their gun towards each other while proclaiming his love for Jessica, as well as his intent to win her. Even if the villain is clearly deranged, one cannot admire his cleverness, and this scene had us watching from the edge of our seats.

6. The Confession
The top 8 Jessica Jones scenes includes the moment she confessed her crime.

A heartbreaking moment in the series was when Jessica admitted she killed Luke Cage’s wife. When Kilgrave was controlling her, she punched the woman in the chest, instantly killing her. Guilt-ridden, she is forced to tell Luke Cage when he went after another man he suspected for killing his wife. The very emotional scene ended with the grieving Luke punching a bus instead of Jessica, and leaving the series for the moment.

7.  The Introduction of Luke Cage

Even though the TV series Jessica Jones seems to have diminished powers compared to the original superhero, she still kicks ass in various action scenes. One of these is when she joins Luke Cage in a bar and they fight together. The scene is beautifully made, highlighting their own specific powers. This was also the perfect introduction for Luke Cage, the guy with unbreakable skin.

8. The Origins of the Purple Man

The change of the origins of the Purple Man can be considered one of the best Jessica Jones scenes.

The story of the Purple Man in this TV series has been changed from the original, since it couldn’t really work out. In the comic books, the villain used to be a spy from the Soviet Union. Later on, while on a mission on an American base he stole experimental nerve gas and thus gained his superpowers. In the Jessica Jones series, he is much more of a victim, having been experimented on by his parents when he was a child. The twist of the story came as a great surprise, as no one could have expected that he had been a sociopath from the very beginning and his parents were only trying to save him.


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