Top Ten Antivirus Recommendations From 2016

Owning an antivirus is an absolute must on any computer’s checklist. But since it’s a growing industry, it can be quite difficult to narrow all of the antiviruses down to one option. Because we understand the struggle, we’d like to present our personal picks for the top ten antivirus choices of 2016.

You will want a number of things from your antivirus, the most important aspects being a secure protection against malware and a low-profile so that it won’t affect your computer’s performance. Viruses keep getting smarter every day and in order to shield your devices against them, you will need antivirus software that’s able to constantly evolve alongside the viruses. The following top ten antivirus choices offer just that and more.

NOTE: The list is in no particular order, mostly because it varies from one person to another what you’re looking for in an antivirus.

#1 Avast

Top Ten Antivirus List Start

Price: FREE

If all you’re doing all day is switch tabs between the YouTube homepage and your social media of choices, chances are you won’t need to overly complicate yourself with a specialized antivirus. Avast is among the top ten antivirus choices in terms of popularity, affordability, and practicality. It’s affordable because it’s free and it’s practical because it really doesn’t affect performance.

#2 McAfee


Price: $34.99

McAfee is a really long lasting name in the antivirus industry. Since its 2015 update, it introduced a new layout and mechanism which fitted right in with the novelty of Windows 8 and everything beyond. The software specialized in web-based malware and, although its scans are slowly, it compensates by not requiring you to take further action.

#3 Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus

Price: $44.55

Many consider Norton to be one of the definitive top ten antivirus choices for anyone. The software continues to evolve and develop with its biggest advantage being the user-friendly interface. Norton is a fantastic choice for home users with multiple devices thanks to its property to connect across all of them.

#4 Bitdefender


Price: $37

What we recommend more specifically is Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2016, one of its latest versions. Bitdefender is a beloved program among independent testers, who appreciate it for its reliable engine. What makes Bitdefender stand out is the special attention it pays to protection of sensitive browser data such as transactions and password input.

#5 Avira


Price: FREE

One may argue that the developers behind Avira didn’t pay special attention to the design and user accessibility of this software. And, you know, it’s partly true. The interface looks mostly dated and complex, but that’s not what matters. What matters is Avira is one of the most secure and reliable programs around. And it’s free too! Because of this, we have to name Avira as one of your best top ten antivirus choices.

#6 Kaspersky


Price: $39.99

Kaspersky is a renowned competitor alongside Bitdefender. The 2016 version is fully compatible with Windows 10 and it provides a set of numerous features, all of which have been greatly improved. The scans are quick, interventions are minimal, and the smart engine prevents you from downloading malware or accessing websites that could steal banking information.

#7 AVG


Price: FREE

It’s not the most complex software out there, but it does its basic job fairly well. It’s a good place to start for anyone who hasn’t had experience in setting up antivirus before. AVG is going to give you the basic protection you need against the most common types of viruses, though it does come with some disadvantages. One of them is that it doesn’t come with real time scanning features, which might make it easy for new viruses to infiltrate and cause damage. But if you generally steer away from dubious websites and only need basic free protection, it’s got you covered.



Price: $39.99

It may not be as famous as other entries on this list, but it’s definitely worth a place among our top ten antivirus recommendations. VIPRE does all the basic things you expect of a malware-protection program. However, it manages to set itself apart through a function known as Social Watch. It keeps a close eye on your social media, particularly Facebook, and monitors the nature of the links on your feed. This way, you can avoid clicking on links that could potentially infect your computer.

#9 F-Secure


Price: $25

There are people and people, which is why, for some, an antivirus packed with tens upon tens of features might not be their cup of tea. If all you want is protection against malware, this is your go-to software. F-Secure lacks all the extra features that typically collect dust while weighing down on your computer’s performance. Instead, you get straight-to-the-point protection nicely wrapped in a lightweight and easily accessible user interface. It’s also the cheapest product on this list!

#10 Panda

Panda Antivirus

Price: FREE

Last but not least, we end this list with possibly the most minimalist antivirus you could find around. Panda comes with everything you’d expect from a free software product: double checking so your homepage and search bars won’t be changed and constant pop-up messages. Beneath all of this, however, is an effective and surprisingly highly-rated antivirus program. We recommend it as the best alternative for people with lower-performance computers and not enough money to spend on some of the professional alternatives on this list.


This was our top ten antivirus recommendations! If you’re not using either of those, you should definitely switch to whichever software benefits you most. Visit the websites of either of these programs to read their full disclosure and list of features and then shield your computer against all malevolence on the Internet.

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