"Transformers" and other sculptures made out of polystyrene

robot-head Polystyrene are mostly used to protect articles from breaking when sent in packages. A professor of digital arts at University of Oregon, Michael Salter, uses polystyrene to make robot sculptures, formula cars and bikes. His biggest sculpture is a 22 feet tall robot surrounded with small robots to make passers-by keep distance so they don’t accidentally knock it over. Salter creates the sculptures by cutting the polystyrene in pieces and gluing them together, and it took him several months to do it.

white-robot tiny-robot small-robot robot-siting robots robot-museum robot robot-3 big-and-small-robots robot-2 many-robotsmotor formula formula-2 Unfortunately his robot figures called styrobots and also his other work get quickly destroyed at the end of the showing, but he has certainly gathered a lot of attention at the shows. Sculptures can be made out of several things, like these detailed hubcaps sculptures.


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