Zany street signs by an unknown artist

Ah, the mysterious street artist Trustocorp and his humorous street signs all over the U.S. I guess we’ve seen it before. But we just can’t help it; now this artist has invaded California and done some new and fun projects in Hollywood.  It’s worth another look.

The amusing traffic signs are still a part of his body of work, with both encouraging and sarcastic messages. An example on the first mentioned is “You look lovely today”, and the second is “Hope for America” with illustration of a fat man running. We actually don’t know if that one is encouraging or just plain mean. Check out the pictures to see all the signs of his (their?)  latest work. It is still such a shame that we don’t know who Trustocorp really is.

Politics are kind of meh.

Why, thank you!


And tell us how you really feel.

Unfortunately, kind of true.

We’d like to think this one was created for the Paris Hiltons of the world…

May have been more appropriate when Clinton was president?

What will come next from this enigmatic artist(s)? Perhaps their art will suddenly start appearing on brochures across the nation.

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