Ultra realistic shocking sculptures


You will never think that these human bodies and faces aren’t real. Sam Jinks from Melbourne is the artist of these freaky sculptures that seems so real.

grandmasculpture freakysculpture foxsculpture facetattoosculpture facesidesculpture facefreakysculpture They are made out of silicon, human hair and painting.If you find this interesting you must also check out these illusionary garage doors.


  1. I agree….Ron Mueck rip off. i saw his show at the fort worth museum of modern art. god…amazing. this guy is still talented though…just not original.

  2. I love how the talented person responsible for these amazing sculptures is described as a ‘rip-off’ artist by armchair (computer chair?) critics. I wonder if any of you trolls could fashion a kewpie doll out of play-dough.

  3. Original or not, still very realistic and well done. More than a bit on the eerie side, too (especially the tattoo work!).

  4. Much Much better than Madame tussaud’s. Why don’t they replace the wax dolls with sillicone ones?

  5. Marius, I totally agree 100%, Madame Tussaud’s wax figures are not realistic in the least compared to these masterpieces.

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