Unusual Beaches across the World

Beaches are great. They usually offer sun, sand and sea. What’s not to like? Well, there’s the weird stuff for a start. If you have never seen any of the planet’s most unusual beaches here are a few of them to show you just how strange a beach can be on this crazy planet of ours.

The Black Beach

Black Punaluu Beach and Unusual Beaches?

The feeling of warm sand under your toes is one of the finest sensations ever. The feeling of hot lava and lumps of basalt? Not so much. This famous black beach is called Punaluu Beach and is on the Big Island of Hawaii. The black sand comes from basalt and lava streams heading down to the water.

The Glass Beach

Fort Bragg Glass Beach and Unusual Beaches?

California seems like the sort of place you could enjoy some time on the sands, doesn’t it? Yeah, but you’ll need to look out for the glass beach as well. This unusual beach is called Fort Bragg. It is filled with pieces of glass and has its origins in the residents throwing their garbage into the sea in the past.

The Green Beach

?Papakolea Green Beach and Unusual Beaches

We are back to Hawaii for this next one. Papakolea Beach in Hawaii is something extremely rare; a green beach. It is this color because it is filled with small volcanic stones which are green. It’s a bit off the beaten track, so if you want the joy of frolicking on a green beach you’ll need to walk a fair distance to get there.

The Airport Beach

?Unusual Beaches and Saho Airport Beach

It is great when you find a beach next to the airport, as it means that you can head straight to the sands when you arrive. However, Saho Beach on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin takes the concept just too far. Here, you run the risk of a giant Boeing 747 blowing sand in your face while you are soaking up some sun.

The Hot Water Beach

?The Hot Water Beach in New Zealand and Unusual Beaches

Haven’t you sometimes thought that a beach would be even better if the water was hotter? If this is the case then it is time to get to New Zealand. The hot water on this unusual beach comes from hot springs under the sand, which means that you can dig in the sand and enjoy a lovely warm soak. It is not a beach for swimming in due to the dangerous rip currents, but you won’t want to do any swimming anyway when you can just sit in some hot water instead.

The Hidden Beach

?The Hidden Beach, Playa de Amor and Unusual Beaches

Have you ever been walking along jauntily and suddenly fallen into a beach? Well, this could happen to you if you ever come across the hidden beach in Mexico. The crater in which it sits is apparently the result of bomb practice by the Mexican armed forces at the start of the 20th century. It is in the Marieta Islands island of Puerto Vallarta and to get to it you need to swim through a tunnel. The local name for this strip of sand is Playa de Amor, which means Beach of Love.

The Cow Beach

?Unusual Beaches and The Cow Beach in Go, India

Being on a beach which is crowded with sweaty holidaymakers is one thing. Sharing the sand with a bunch of cows is something else altogether. Goa in India is where you will find some of these sacred beasts soaking up some sun alongside you.

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