Upcoming Horror Movies That Will Scare You This Halloween

September is almost over and October is right around the corner. You know what’s October most famous for, right? Halloween, of course. And what do we love most about Halloween (besides trick or treating and lots of candy)? It’s the season when a lot of horror movies are released. We already have a few favorites that we’re dying to see but we want to share with you some of the most anticipated upcoming horror movies of this year and 2015.

10. The Babadook

the babadook upcoming horror movies

What’s a Babadook, you might ask? It’s a fictional monster created especially for this upcoming horror movie. The storyline is simple: the movie is about a mysterious bedtime story that begins to haunt a mother and her son. We’ve seen the trailer and it looks really scary. It’s got us curious and we will definitely going to see it. The movie was shown at the Sundance Festival and has already received some excellent reviews from critics.  The official release date is November 28.

9. Horns

horns upcoming horror movies

You might recognize the lead actor from the upcoming horror movie called Horns from an obscure little movie called Harry Potter. That’s right, Daniel Radcliffe stars in this adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel. Joe Hill is actually the son of the master of horror himself, mister Stephen King, so we’re guessing his son has inherited a bit of talent on how to scare the bejesus out of us. This upcoming horror movie is about a guy who wakes up one day with horns on his head. The movie will be released on October 31.

8. Annabelle

annabelle upcoming horror movies

You remember The Conjuring, right? It was one of the best horror movies of last year. Well, if you liked that one you will be probably love Annabelle because it’s a sort of a prequel to the events that happened in The Conjuring. It’s one of the most anticipated upcoming horror movies of 2014 and we’re certain it won’t disappoint. The film tells the story of a young man who gives his wife a creepy doll, possessed by a satanic force. The trailer looks pretty scary and we can’t wait to go see it on the 3rd of October.

7. Exists

exists upcoming horror movies

Blair Witch Project was one of the scariest movies ever. One of the upcoming horror movies on our list is Exits, directed by the same guy who directed Blair Witch Project, Eduardo Sanchez. It tells the story of a group of friends who find themselves face to face with a horrifying bloodthirsty creature from the woods. The movie is set to be released on October 24. Go see it, the trailer looks really good.

6. Tusk

tusk upcoming horror movies

Justin Long is known for his romantic comedies but Tusk is anything but romantic. It tells the story of Wallace Bryton who is after strange people to tell their stories. He encounters a man named Howard Howe and things begin to take a terrifying turn. Tusk has already received some favorable reviews from movie critics and from the look of its trailer we think it will be a pretty scary movie.

5. Extraterrestrial

extraterrestrial upcoming horror movies

There are plenty of upcoming horror movies we’re excited to see and Extraterrestrial is one of those movies. From the trailer it looks like a really cool episode of X Files and we love the X Files. There really haven’t been that many horror movies about aliens lately and this one could be it. The movie will be in cinemas from October 17.

Other upcoming horror movies worth mentioning are Jessabelle, Pyramid, Ouija, The Town That Dreaded Sundown and Catch Hell. Any other upcoming horror movies you’re looking forward to see this Halloween?






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