Useless fliers that will put a smile on your face


We spotted couple of these useless fliers on Josh Millard’s blog and we figured out to join the fun. All you need is paper, a printer and a bit of creativity to place the flier somewhere in the city, and that we’ll definitely put a smile on many faces.

We encourage you to participate as well and send us a photography of your useless flier and we will post them here.

More fun on the streets can be found in USA cities where a street artist is placing fun and sarcastic traffic signs.








  1. This is like my former university. How weird is that. And that was 20 yrs ago.

  2. i like the “free strips of paper”. lord knows im always looking for one to spit my wad of gum in

  3. At my university we had a flier that said, “have you seen this cat?” with a picture of a fat cat sitting on its bum underneath. On the very bottom it says, “because this cat is fucking awesome!”

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