Using Light To Create Incredible Drawings

This amazing series of drawings called “Illinois 4” is probably one of the most detailed and punctilious works of art, as far as light painting goes. It was made by photographer Brian
Matthew Hart
with the help of Dena Pickering. They made the art in one night in a dark attic.

By using different colored light sources, Brian managed to add depth and distinguish different objects in his magnificent work. What’s most astounding is the level of detail he was able to add to the drawings using this complicated technique. He did not know the full outcome until the very end of the shooting.

The light painting technique involves either moving the light source while the camera is set to a low shutter speed, or moving the camera itself, using it as paintbrush, so to speak, and capturing the motion on the photograph.

It takes several minutes to make a drawing, with no room for errors or corrections. Amazingly, Brian makes these drawings look like were done on paper.

These series of drawings are a sequel to his previous project, “Working in the dark”, where he was also using light painting to play with objects and human figures.

If you’re interested in more art that combines photography with another technique, take a look at these chalk art pictures. The fact that these drawing were made in an attic freaks me out a bit. A lot of scary things happen in an attic. I wouldn’t want to spend more than a few minutes in one.


  1. Well it was really worth watching this photograph specially the umbrella one I would love to see more stuff from you. And mostly animals and nature related stuff. Thanks for sharing such stuff

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