Using shadows to create a street art

tree-shadow-graffiti Instead of drawing graffiti on the walls, a NYC street artist Michael Neff has decided to use the shadows that lamp posts make to create street art. Neff is only using chalk and stone sediment to outline the shadows into stencils looking like figures or just simple art.

tree-shadow-graffiiti steers-shadow shadows-graf shadow-graff graffiti fence-street-shadow-graffiti This kind of street art is very neat and impressive to come across in the late hours.  See more of Neff’s work here. Click here for more photos:5thumbs


  1. a “real artist” should appreciate this. If someone here claims he or she is a “real artist” and keep messin’ around other people’s work then change your egoistic screen name and get a “real” life.

  2. @ christian: your elementary school was photoshopped
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    For real, people, I can’t believe you couldn’t tell! You must not be real artists. Your mom probably photoshopped your art projects in grade school because you are really blind, and can’t see what’s real. Not like me, I’m totally for real.

  3. Wow-this is pretty dared cool! I will have to try it at home! I found your blog by way of Catherine’s (Mexico City and of Shadow Shot Sunday meme).

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