Utterly Weird Toilets Which Are a Bit Scary

How many toilets have you seen in your life? The answer is that you have probably seen far more of them than is recommendable, I guess. Still, maybe you have had the pleasure of seeing some of these weird toilets along the way.

The Bucket Toilet

The Bucket Toilet and Weird Scary Toilets

If you are achingly hip and cool then conventional toilets are probably too boring for you. A cool cat like you needs a bucket to do your stuff in. These ones were spotted at a trendy bar in Bratislava, while my uncle has also been known to use a bucket on his farm in South America. If you ever see him selling fresh milk from his trusty bucket I would recommend not buying any.

The Fish Tank Toilet

The Fish Tank Toilet and the Weird and Scary Toilets

My first thought on seeing this weird toilet was for the poor fish. I mean, can you imagine being trapped for your whole, short, sad life in a toilet? However, I then realized that they are just fish, so who really gives a damn about them? Anyway, the clever inventors behind these toilet aquariums have the little fishy wishies in a separate tank from the bad old water you use to flush away your little deposits of filth.

The Transparent Toilet

The Transparent Toilet and Weird Scary Toilets

So, you want a loo with a view, do you? Unless you are a real exhibitionist you probably meant that you wanted to see the world while doing your business, not that you wanted the world to see you. This clever toilet looks as though it is transparent but it isn’t really. At least I don’t think so. It was on display outside the Tate Museum in London for a while.

The Float Thru Toilet

The Float Thru Toilet and Weird and Scary Toilets

I love the idea of pulling up to a toilet in my boat, for some reason. Can you imagine if you were really desperate, though? If rowing like a lunatic didn’t get you there in time I suppose that polluting the river system would be your only option. This weird toilet is in Vietnam.

The Rocking Chair Toilet

The Rocking Chair Toilet and Weird and Scary Toilets

Would rocking on a wooden toilet help you when you are having problems doing your stuff on the throne? The Finnish have the ideal solution for you, in that case.

The No Toilet

The No Toilet and Weird and Scary Toilets

This toilet in Baja, Mexico is trying to tell us something, I think.

The Hi Tech Toilet

The Hi Tech Toilet and Weird and Scary Toilets

I have absolutely no idea what this weird toilet does to justify such a giant piece of machinery on it. Actually, it looks like it might be a washing machine on top of it, but who on God’s sweet Earth puts a washing machine on top of their loo? The toilet paper looks decidedly weird as well. Is this the kind of bizarre toilet we will be using in the future?

The Giant Toilet

The Giant Toilet and Weird and Scary Toilets

Apparently this is the design for an apartment block. I don’t know where but clearly somewhere where the architects smoke a lot of weed. Can you imagine living in a place like this? Still, giving directions to visitors on how to find it would be pretty simple. You could always meet them for a quick drink downstairs in Café Dung when they got there.

The Illuminated Toilet

The Illuminated Toilet and Weird and Scary Toilets

I think this might be more of a piece of art than a working toilet but I am not completely sure.

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