6 Valentines’ Day Cards that Speak the Truth Nobody Really Wants to Hear

You think it’s too early to address the sensitive subject of the Valentines’ Day? Maybe, but if you weren’t born yesterday, you know what’s coming: endless pink ribbons, rivers of chocolate, online gift ideas lists and tons of heartfelt, warm, loving cards. And the funny batch of cards for the trolls, of course. Now there is a lot of debate surrounding this glorious day of celebrating love, as some condemn it for turning into a shopping frenzy which has less and less to do with the actual love, while others are happy to show affection through well – thought gifts, carefully chosen cards and thoroughly – planned surprises.

But since we aim for an early start and you will have your fair share of suggestions and ideas regarding presents, personalized messages and party places you won’t want to miss this year, we collected a few Valentines’ Day Cards that speak the truth as it is and, in all honesty, we don’t recommend you to use if the other party doesn’t have a rock-solid sense of humor. Why did we chose these particular ones? For your inspiration only and for you to admit that sometimes, in the darkest corners of your minds, you thought about sending at least one of these. Ad because we appreciate honesty. And people who are brave enough to speak their minds. There. Six Valentines’ Day Cards that speak the truth nobody really wants to hear.

1.When your love equals addiction

Now besides the not-so-smooth-language, this Valentine Day card says everything very plain and very simple. Now you can’t assume that all back – alley hookers are addicted to crack, so you’d like to be more specific so discrimination accusations to not follow you back home and stab you in the back, but this is love in one of its most honest moments. If your partner has a clue on the effects of crack, the message will be even more appreciated. Effects, not overdose symptoms, there’s a difference.


V Day card 1

2. Because everybody is special, so let’s just be random!

You know that saying that goes like “You’re special, just like everybody else?” Now to be “special” meant something back in the day, now it turned into one of the most mundane and boring compliments. Yeah, we are all cool. So how about being even cooler than cool and acknowledge the fact that we are just random? And chickens. Chickens is a must. Don’t develop further.

V Day card 2

3. Honesty never hurt a relationship. Oh, wait…

Come on, this is a true piece of artwork in the stash of Valentines’ Day cards that speak the truth. What? Don’t you like to hear somebody appreciates your rack? Of course you do! Oh, you mean it’s wrong to be in a couple where only racks matter? Boy, if all women in all the world would have put a cent aside every time they thought about that, we would’ve eradicated famine decades ago.

V Day card 3

4. It is healthy for the relationship to talk about love and sex

Oh you kids, everything you think about is doing each other! Oh, so young, so full of life, so honest! If you receive this and doesn’t make you laugh until you fall off the chair, you should work on those humor skills of yours.

V Day card 4

5. Because it is OK to resent Valentines and be open about it. Especially when the feeling is mutual

What’s pink ribbons when you can have bacon? And what’s wrong with celebrating the glorious feeling mankind was blessed with if not with a healthy, shared – in – bed bacon centered breakfast? Love goes through the stomach and it’s not just a man thing, you know…

V Day card 6

6. Because somebody has to say it!

Yes, some ladies are a bit confused when it comes to what they want and what they need (and men are twice as much if we are to tell the truth) so somebody should come forward and speak the unspeakable words. And this is quite a ballsy love statement which can get both ways, so if you are still pondering if you should or shouldn’t put your heart and mind on the plate, use this Valentines Day card. Good luck!

V Day card 8

Now we hope we didn’t offend anybody and you had a few laughs with these Valentines’ Day cards that speak the truth. If you have your own examples don’t be selfish and share them with the rest of the trolls! A huge “Thank You” and “We love you” to our sources.

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