Vehicles and humans turn into “Transformers” robots

French artist Guillaume Reymond has had a lot of success with his former projects.  For instance,  the video performance “GAME OVER”  had over 12 million viewers around the world, and the video film “Human Tetris” saw great success.  He won the 2007 You Tube Video Award for that film. Now he is involved with a new project called TRANSFORMERS, where he parks several cars, buses or trucks in a special pattern so it looks like the enormous Transformers robots (like the movie, the toys, the cartoon, etc.)  when viewed from above.  On one of the “robots” he even used people in different colored shirts to create the shape.

The huge art installations don’t look as CGI-shiny as they do in the movie Transformers, but they are quite a sight to see, especially if you have the chance to view it from the air. 

More than meets the eye, or exactly, spot-on, totally what meets the eye?  Me thinks it’s the latter.  It’s a bunch of buses, all put together to look like a robot.  Hurrah!

A still flash mob makes the day go faster.

Not everybody has their own helicopter, so we’re glad we could provide these aerial shots for you. Some of us have the ability to transform into helicopters though. If you’re one of these people (a “robot in disguise,” if you will), I urge you to turn into a copter and fly over these amazing projects.


  1. Holy Smokes, I love it!! Just when i thought i saw everything. I Love the transformers bicycles.. So Cool! I cant wait for the Transformers 3 Movie. I just got a signed film cell from steve jablonsky (transformers score) from, so rare, im so pumped for T3!! nice blog Thank you

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