Villains We Want In The Marvel Spider-Man Reboot

With Civil War having recently hit theaters (and receiving overall really positive reviews while at it too), it’s time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to flip the page on a new chapter. And, boy, what a chapter it is. Spider-Man is the character who received the most movie adaptations in such a short time span. Merely a decade ago, Sam Raimi would give us the first interpretation, which would later become a trilogy in its rightful sense. Unfortunately, any possible sequels were postponed due to financial reasons. Only a few years later, Sony gave us The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel.

And now, even less time passed between adaptations before it was decided that it was time for yet another reboot. This time, however, the project is in Marvel’s hands, where it should have always been. Needless to say, the Marvel has a track record for pulling movies that were average to good at their worst, so the expectations bar is raised yay high. Its take on everyone’s favorite web crawler is coming in 2017, featuring Tom Holland as the leading character Peter Parker. Here are the awesome Villains We Want In The Marvel Spider-Man Reboot.

#1 Venom

Marvel Spider-Man Reboot - Venom


Yes, Venom made an appearance in the third installment of Sam Raimi’s trilogy, but it was far from being satisfying. The character of Eddie Brock was a bit off, the actor didn’t really fit the bill, and when Venom actually came into play, we were 15 minutes away from the end of the movie. He was rather a Venom-pretender cameo than the proper thing. As a result, we certainly speak for everyone when we say that an entire movie dedicated to the frightening symbiotic villain would really lift a boulder off the fans’ chests.

#2 Carnage

Marvel Spider-Man Reboot - Carnage


And since we’re talking about psychotic spider-like characters, we can’t cross Carnage off this list. A late addition to Spider-Man’s universe, he is the perfect example that when something’s bad, it can go even worse. Spawned from Venom and attacked to a serial killer, Carnage’s insane power and complete detachment and lack of empathy made him so overwhelming that it forced Peter’s hand into an alliance with Venom to stop him.

#3 Jackal

Marvel Spider-Man Reboot - Jackal


Admittedly, the Jackal’s overly-complicated cloning storyline would be fairly difficult to translate to the big screen, but there is more to Jackal than his obsession of repeatedly cloning Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. He is incredibly intelligent. His brains would make for a great potential showdown and we’re not even counting the possibility of him introducing either (or both) of the Scarlet Spiders into the MCU.

#4 Rhino

Marvel Spider-Man Reboot - Rhino


We were first teased with Rhino’s big screen debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Or, to put it more honestly, at the very end of the movie. Since he was supposed to play a big part in the third installment, we never actually got to see this “all brawls, no brain” archetype in proper action. This would make for a perfect chance for Marvel to give us a character completely different from the villains say Spidey battle in both series.

#5 Mysterio

Marvel Spider-Man Reboot - Mysterio


An odd choice, some may say, but Mysterio would make for a mandatory inclusion in the MCU should the Sinister Six make an appearance and an excellent standalone villain if the odds end up not in our favor. Armed with nothing but a knack for dramatics, a talent to manufacture special effects, and a stubbornness to die, Mysterio has proven to be a real obstacle in Spider-Man’s way over the years.

#6 Kingpin

Marvel Spider-Man Reboot - Kingpin


Daredevil fans probably collectively gasped. This is because Kingpin is a well-known troublemaker in Matt Murdock’s way, but he couldn’t seem to be able to keep his nose out of Spider-Man’s business either. Resembling at first glance the archetype of a mob leader commanding others while sitting in his chair and evilly stroking a cat, we later discover that Kingpin is pretty much 99.9% muscle and he can put up quite the physical fight.

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