Virgin Mobile’s First U.S. Store: A Spiffy Spot


At the end of July, I attended the opening of Virgin Mobile’s flagship retail store in Lincoln Park–right in the heart of Chicago. The store is kind of like a cross between a dive bar and a cool college hangout. Intriguing framed photos line the brick walls. Comfortable couches sit near the entrance. There’s even a shrine dedicated to Lady Gaga in a corner. The place had such a high-end record store vibe that I half-expected to suddenly see Jack Black and the rest of the cast of High Fidelity walk in.

I never thought I’d say this about a store, but it’s the kind of place I could see myself hanging out in for several hours. Check out more pics of the store after the jump.

The chill zone.

virginmobile pristine products

virgin mobile strore entrance in Lincoln Park

A pristine entrance.

compy couches at Virgin Mobile

Not quite your average store, is it.

For more photos of the store’s unique interior, have a look at this post on Virgin Mobile Live.

By Will Paoletto


  1. Looks cool. I’m going to Chicago next week. I’m going to be by there–I’ll probably drop by. Thanks for the tip!

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