Wanted: Missing socks, Dirty or Clean


Almost everybody have experienced that one of their socks has gone missing in the dryer, but they usually show up sooner or later. A creative soul called Inklore has come up with a “missing sock bucket” where you put your single socks before their missing “partner” shows up eventually after maybe the second laundry.

wanted sock

The bucket is practical in many ways – it’s made out of canvas material so you can wash it when you need to, and the bucket makes all the socks in one place so you can easily pair them up.


Speaking of socks, laundry and clothes, these face figures are made out of only using different types of clothing.


  1. Hahaha, that happens to me all the time, my socks are everywhere!! And they never show up! How much is the one?

  2. I used to have a policy I called the “sock buddy system” where they weren’t allowed into the wash without a match…this is just a more organized version.

  3. Omg i need that bucket haha, not just for my socks, for anything, i lose literally everything, but it shows up eventually hehehehehe

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