Warning! Overdose of Cute Animals Alert

Cute animals are fantastic, aren’t they? And not just for eating. It is also sometimes enjoyable to look at some cute animal pictures and see how nice the world is.

The Cute Gorilla

Cute Animals and the Cute Gorilla

I am not too good at identifying primates but that’s a gorilla, isn’t it? Or a baboon? Or an orang-utan? Is there even a difference, really? Also, is it true that human DNA is only about 1% different from that of chimps and gorillas? I’ll come up with a few more questions in a minute.

The Cute Unidentified Thing

The Cute Unidentified Thing and Cute Animals

I don’t even what this creature is. I might be cooing and gushing and calling it a cute animal when it is really a deadly, blood sucking beast from hell. Does anyone know kind of cuddly animal this dude is? He kind of looks like a frog crossed with a Kiwi fruit but I don’t think that’s even a thing, is it?

The Cute Hedgehog

The Cute Hedgehog and Cute Animals

I just realised that I am no good at this. I typed the word “hedgehog” then I started wondering if it wasn’t maybe a porcupine instead. Why do we even have so many names for animals anyway? We could just break them into 4 groups; Big Scary Beasts, Humans, Useful Creatures and Cute Cuddly Wuddly Rinky Dinky Animals. That ought to do it.

The Cute Cat

The Cute Cat and Cute Animals

Rule #13 of blog writing; if you are going to write about cute animals you sure as hell need a kitten in there. Hang on though. Is this feline beauty standing next to a couple of incredibly tiny animals or is it really a giant, almost mythical beast? Can you imagine that thing stomping all over New York and going for a leak on top of San Francisco?

The Cute Panda

The Cute Panda and Cute Animals

You know, evolution is a funny thing. No, it really is. In most cases animals gain more useful features over the generations, like opposable thumbs, longer legs or tattoos. In the case of the pandas, they are just getting cuter. Having said that, I have never seen a medieval panda or even a 19th century one. Were they kind of unlovable, ugly things back then?

The Cute Owl

The Cute Owl and Cute Animals

I have to confess that I have never been a fan of owls. All that twitting and twooing just doesn’t light my fire. In fact, if there had ever been a worldwide vote on whether to make them a protected species and be nice to them or else kill them all I would probably not even have noticed. Maybe there has been. Who knows? Anyway, I have seen the light at last thanks to this great picture of some incredibly cute owls. Oh, except that one in the middle that’s giving me the evil glare.

The Cute Peacock

The Cute Peacock and Cute Animals

Is there such a thing as an albino peacock? If there is then I have just learned something new and exciting today. If there isn’t then the resolution on my screen is worse than I thought. To be fair, this fellow doesn’t look too happy about being robbed of the vibrant colours which are mean to give meaning to his life.

The Cute Lion

The Cute Lion and Cute Animals

Good lord! Even lions can be all white and possibly albino. This fellow is quite possibly the cutest lion I’ve seen since Simba came dancing onto our screens all those years ago.

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