Water splashing used in advertising

adidaswaterad Water claw grabbing adidas shoe , made by Frederik Samuel
earthgroundzerowater Earth in water, made by azrainman

martinisplash Following its recent blockbuster TV ad for Smirnoff, advertising agency J. Walter Thompson (JWT) created a trio of ads to continue its “purity” theme. The agency selected Martin Waugh to create martini, highball and whiskey glasses out of water drops and splashes.

waterfire waterfire3 waterfire2 Liquid fire set

waterlemon Natural Mineral Water: Watermelonashes. Contains all the freshness by Spot JWT from Athens, Greece

waterguyWater man dancing

watericecream Natural Mineral Water – Ice-cream.

Check out this amazing images, Mark Mawson from Sydney captures these beautiful shots by dropping paint in water , and most amazing underwater photography sets by very young and talented photographers around the world.


  1. I really like the martini one, very creative from smirnoff, after all, alchohol advertising is like second to food.

  2. Awesome graphics, water splash used are looking great.
    Thanks for sharing. Liquid in Fire, Smirnoff, Earth in Water all are cool and really creative ones.

  3. I have been to your port before. The more I learn, the more I keep coming back! ;-P

  4. I have visited your site before. The more I take in, the more I keep coming back! 🙂

  5. Good Morning, I just stopped in to visit your blog and thought I’d say I had a great visit.

  6. I have to say I am a big fan of water splashing in advertising. It always gets my attention.

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