Ways of being creative and having fun with post-its

A Jaguar covered up in 14,000 post-its. A prank made by an office worker’s colleagues. It took them a mere two hours to accomplish this prank.

The worker named Walt reacted by saying: “Where did my car go?”

high-school-prank highschool-prankhigh-school-prank-2010

A senior  high school prank made by group of students. It took them three hours to be done, and it cost them about $100 to buy all the post-its.

Office prank where they covered up a whole office in bright yellow post-its.

During the Memorial Day weekend in 2005 a couple of co-workers created this mosaic piece of Elvis. The work is done so detailed that the colored post-its are blending together.

Designer Rebecca Murtaugh used post-its as inspiration to create a so-called post-it-room.

Famous  video game character Mega Man.

As a result of a campaign against skin cancer, they put pink post-its on mannequins and placed them by a swimming pool to make people aware of how to treat their skin and avoid too much sun.


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