Ways to Die: Top 5 Unusual Deaths

Plenty of ways to die are encountered at anytime and anywhere, so it understandable why our world can be a terrifying place. Pictures of assault, mishaps, accidents and other such risks sink into our press, planting worries in many of us. While these risks should certainly be well known, other far more ordinary things in our life are mathematically much more likely to destroy us.

1. More Individuals Die Dropping Out of Bed than from Roller Coasters


Some of us like roller coasters; some others are frightened by them. The increased speed and incredible heights offer a relatively secure excitement for daring recreation areas guests. However, accidents will occur and roller coasters can kill around four persons in the US every year.

One-fourth of these fatalities are work-related deaths such as employees. 50 % of them are due to a rider’s health problem being amplified by the ride; they can be avoided by improving signs caution sufferers of various illnesses against getting on. Only the final one fourth are due to some sort of stress to an excited visitor, like falling out of these roller coasters.

You are more likely to die by falling out of bed. Each year in the US, 400 people die this way. Amazingly, bed rails sometimes are worse.

 2. A Cow is more Likely to Kill You than a Bear


Mortal bear attacks on people have been increasing in North America since 1950. Over the past 100 years, 60 persons have been killed by bears, mostly in North America and Canada. It amounts to less than one individual per year. But, since 85 percent of these kills happened after 1950, the present average is more likely two persons per year.

Growing individual encroachment into the bears’ environments is mentioned as a potential cause. Most critical attacks were perpetrated by lonely males seeing people as their food source. Amazingly, mother bears protecting the cubs and bears that are familiar with people are responsible for fewer fatalities

 3. Rip Currents can Kill You before Sharks Do


Going to a beach is a frequent and dear summer leisure activity for those across the globe. Such trips are not without dangers, of course. You could be sun burned, stung by jellyfish or attacked by sharks.

More unprovoked shark strikes on people are cases of wrong identification, where the sharks take one chew and then swim away after sensing a lack of fish or seal taste. Those single attacks can still make serious injuries or loss of life. Even these errors are relatively rare; the sharks that strike have been triggered by an individual in some way.

4. High School Activities Kill More American People than Terrorists Do


The terrorism is a massive preoccupation in the 21st-century American life since the horrible 9/11 attack in 2001. The news has generally been filled with terrifying terrorist visuals, causing many people to worry for themselves and the kids.

In truth, the children are more likely to be killed on the school sports field than by the hand of an enemy. Approximately 50 young sportsmen die every year in the US due to sport-related accidents. Non-urban regions are the worst affected. Typical causes of loss of life include heating up, brain accidents and unexpected heart stroke.

5. Disney World Has Killed More People than Alligators in Florida


From 2000 to 2015, eight visitors at Disney World in Florida have been killed. Strokes (sometimes complicated by a deficiency of available defibrillators) and stressful accidents are normal causes. Five employees have died in that period, three during a bad season in 2008, by traumas or electrocution.

People might consider alligators in Florida to be more terrifying than Mickey Mouse. The possibility of being attacked or drawn under and perished by one of these ancient animals is certainly harsh. While most of them only strike if triggered, unprovoked predation will rarely occur.

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